Thursday, April 5, 2012

Soccer Coach Thank You Card

Hi Bloggers,

Well I finally got into my craft room last night and made two cards while watching American Idol.  I'm not especially into it this season.  For some reason the contestants seem blah and worse than that, the judges are down-right boring.  But, I do still like to see the performances and follow along with who stays and who goes, so it's perfect to have it on in the background while I craft away.  If anything interesting happens I can either pause in my card making and watch or rewind and see the performance again.  It certainly isn't entertaining enough for me to sit and watch with my full attention.  Oh and for the record I like Deandre and Jessica best of all.  Philip is pretty good and I like Skyler & Elise also, but I don't think they stand a chance at winning.  Honestly I'm predicting Jessica to win it this year.

But anyway, enough about American Idol on to my card.

My son Eric has had some really great sports experiences at his school.   His coaches are great men who love the sport, are honorable and really encourage the boys not just in sports but in life.  My son got a wonderful letter last month from his fall season soccer coach.  It was so sweet.  The coach talked about Eric's skill, determination and leadership skills.  It was so unexpected, so real and so uplifting we were all just amazed.  We weren't really sure why he sent it now and not after the soccer season or at graduation time, but it was warmly received.  Eric knew right away (he often has to be encouraged) that he wanted to send a thank you note to his coach.  So what does he do?  Yes, he asks me to make him a soccer themed thank you card.  Luckily I had bought this fun Denami sports chickie set and inked up this soccer chickie in masculine colors to do the job.

One of the funny things about his note is he said that he thought Eric would make a great lawyer.  He noticed Eric's great critical thinking skills and quick assessment of situations.  Both my husband and I noticed the same attributes in Eric and are still encouraging him to think of law school some day.

I'll end today's blog with a two sentence quote from the note:  'Eric, your future is bright, don't forget to stay focused on the important things and remember that God made you the distinctive person that  you are.  He has great plans for you as it states in Jeremiah 29:11.'

How cool is that?


Karen said...

How wonderful for Eric to get a special note of encouragement from his coach, and I'm sure he'll enjoy receiving your cute card in acknowledgement of his thoughtfulness.

...:::Paulina:::... said...

This card is darling, Linda! LOVE that you pulled out the Sports Chickie set. :)