Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Food in Taiwan

Hello friends,

First, my Asia themed card.

Asian decorations tend to use bamboo, flowers and birds and this stampin up set is perfect for this.

Today's post is dedicated to Taiwan food. As I'm sure you can guess, Chinese food in Asia isn't much like what you get in America.   There is no Crab Rangoon, Kung Pao chicken or Egg Foo Young here. So what do you have here? Well to start with they serve food at big round tables with lazy susan centers, or buffet style.  For the non-buffet stuff, they bring the dishes out one or two things at a time and it is expected that everyone eat some of every dish brought out. It is not uncommon for a table of 8 to be served 8 different items. It is good to start with a small portion and then have more later. First of all, you may not like the dish and second of all, it would be awkward to be full after three items and refuse the next five.

Generally out of 8 items served I will like three. I generally do not like any of the chicken dishes. They serve fatty, boney chicken like the wings or thighs. Rarely is there a breast, so eating chicken generally includes spitting out bones and cartilage. I stick with veggies, fish and rice.  Oh, and yes the fish often has the head still on, but it is good. I also generally like the soups, but since Taiwan is tropical, I am usually sweating hot so I am not usually in the mood for hot soup. What is the weirdest food I've been served in Asia?  That would be fried duck tongue.  Yuck.  I did not even try it, it looked like a fried grasshopper.

My favorite food in Asia is guava.  It tastes like strawberry, but with a texture and shape like a pear.   It's sweet and crunchy. My favorite way to eat it is with spice powder sprinkled on top.  I know it sounds weird, but it's really good.  The spice powder is kind of salty so it gives the fruit a sweet/salty taste to it.

And breakfast?  Well, at the hotels they often have a huge international buffet that includes breakfast choices from America, Europe and Asia.  The Asia choices include foods you and I would eat for dinner.  Yup, dinner includes dim sum, sushi, salads, soups, meats, desserts - everything.  I tend to eat a big breakfast when I'm in Asia because I'm hungry in the morning - remember 6am in Asia, is 6pm in America and I often may be exhausted at the end of the day and want a light dinner and early bedtime.  So, I sample all the interesting main dishes for breakfast.

The breakfast buffet at the W Taiwan is pretty awesome.  It is also wicked expensive.  It is about $25.00 per person, but you get a lot of choices.   Also, ordering anything, even coffee, is expensive so if I'm going to spend 15.00 on coffee and toast, why not spend the extra money and get all that choice.   I won't do this every day.  Tomorrow I think I'll go to Starbucks, but I'll enjoy the buffet once or twice.   Below are some photo's of the W 'Kitchen Table.'

Like I said - it's pretty impressive.    The W is so haute couture you know.  I love the color/design style.  This dining area is all yellow & brown.   It's really beautiful, and that's just the room, not counting the beautiful display of the buffet items.

And speaking of the W, I heard that Lady Gaga stayed at the W Taipei last week.  You know what's funny about that?  Even if Lady G was working out in the gym on the treadmill next to me I don't think I'd recognize her without her wigs, make-up, costumes and meat dress on.  I mean really, in a pair of gym shorts and ponytail would any of us know her from any other American lady at the gym?  Probably not, unless she broke out in 'I'm on the edge of glory', or had body guards or paparazzi following her around.   Since the only other people in the gym with me were guys and Asian women, I think it's safe to say she wasn't there this morning.

Thanks for visiting me today.  Stop by tomorrow and I should have some photo's of my sightseeing around the city.

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Karen said...

Fish and veggies and Starbucks sounds like a good bet... and holy crow, are those ostrich eggs??

P.S. Love this card - the colors are great and the balance is wonderful!