Friday, May 4, 2012

The good, the bad, the embarrasing and the blogger's challenge

Hello friends,

You are my friends right?  Just because we are in the wonderful world on blogs, doesn't mean we aren't friends - right?  And friends tell each other even embarrassing things - right?  Of course we do.  I like to keep it real here on the blog.  I don't ever want someone to think I live this fabulous blog life that is way different than my real-life so today I'll share some good news, some bad news and some embarrasing news.  Oh, and I'll share my card for blogger's challenge too.

Since some of you are here just for the craftiness, I'll start with that.  The theme Lisa Somerville gave us this week was to make a card for a mother.  Easy - Peasy and quite timely too.  Check out her link for details on the blog hop and to see what others on the team did with this challenge.

This lovely lockhart apron stamp doesn't get enough loving in my house but it sure is fun to ink up this stamp on some patterned paper and do some paper piecing.  I love the effect of that with this image.  Too cute.  This card will go to my mother in law Joan.  I love the coordinating patterned papers from' my minds eye' with this image.  It reminds me of a relaxing care-free day spent eating fresh baked goodness in a kitchen. 

So, now on to the good news.  Many of you know I've been trying to lose weight and get in shape. I've been running between 7-10 miles a week for several weeks now and it's become a habit.  I have also been following weight watchers points plus program, but my results haven't been steller.  The last few weeks I've weighed in with either no loss or a slight loss (.2 pounds) and I was getting frustrated but I determined to stick with it.  Tonight I weighed in at weight watchers with a hefty 1.8 pound loss.  YEAH. That is the biggest loss in a week I've ever had, well besides the week I had the stomach flu.   I have lost a total of 8.4 pounds and am quite happy about it.  It is taking a really, really, long time, but it is happening so I'll stick with it.  I want to lose another 9 pounds for a total of 15 pound loss so I'm about half way there.

Now, the bad news.   There were some thefts in our neighborhood over night.  I think every house that had an unlocked car in the driveway was impacted somehow.  My neighbor's teenage son, Connor, had all the spare change in the car taken along with is ipod touch.  ) - :  My son had his backpack taken.  Thankfully they removed the history text book and left that for him in the backseat but his pencil case with his expensive TI graphing calculator and his spare $20.00 was not left behind.  The police say the thief was all through the neighborhood and on Quaker Street too.  Thankfully many neighbors had left the car keys in the car and those were left behind.  We were also glad that Eric's golf clubs were not taken.  I guess there is a benefit in having old stuff!  I think if they were new and expensive those may have been taken too.  We were lucky.  There wasn't much valuable taken, but it does leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.  I want to know what my two watch dogs were doing when this happened.  Most likely they were snoozing.  I always say that if someone wanted to rob us, the dogs would only help if it wasn't during their sleep or nap time.  So from now on, we'll be locking the cars overnight.  Sigh.

So, lastly, the embarrassing news.  I can't believe I'm going to tell you this story, but hey, maybe you'll all get a laugh out of it.  And I'm all for people getting a good laugh, even if it's at my expense.  So I'm driving home from work this afternoon and lately I often pack a pre-packaged snack to eat in the car.  If  I don't plan ahead with a snack, I arrive home at 5:30 starving and snack on everything in sight.  So I was munching on some light popcorn when a few pieces drop in my lap.  So I reach down to grab those few morsels to eat and I see white showing through my black pants.  Yikes.  What?  Why can I see my underpants?  I explore further... and yes, there is a huge, gaping hole in my pants - right at the crotch.  I am horrified now.  Did this just happen or did it happen sometime at work?  I then discover that the huge, gaping hole is the results of Tanks bad dog behaviors at home.  Yes, the giant hole was caused by pants left on the floor and chewed on by a dog.   And yes, the disgusting creature that he is WOULD eat at the crotch of the pants - no where else.  Gross.  What I don't know is how I managed to get dressed this morning and not notice the big hole.  Thankfully I wore a longer shirt with a jacket today, but did anyone at work notice?  If they did, they did not say a word.  I am hoping, and praying, that my longer shirt covered my gaping, giant hole all day long.   If my shirt was shorter, it would have been VERY  noticeable.  I think the reason I didn't feel the breeze blowing was first, my longer shirt but second, the pants are getting loose from my weight loss so they were hanging slightly baggily on me, not tight to my skin.  Regardless, I can't believe that I spent the day in black pants and white panties and a HUGE, GAPING hole in the crotch.

Note to self..... Take a good look around the ENTIRE outfit in the full length mirror before leaving for work.  The people at What Not to Wear would definitely have something to say about this, don't you think?

So I hope I gave you a laugh today.  Thanks for visiting and please share your embarrassing stories on your blog too.  I mean these things happen to all of us every now and again right?


My name is Erika. said...

1- I lvoe your card. The apron is so cute.
2- Hopefully no one was lookng today at work. I was probably worst if you had ripped the seam out on the back side, and sometimes when your sitting,the fabric folds over so maybe it wasn't even all that noticeable. It does happen to all of us-I remember it happen to my date at a formal dance in college-it's a good story though, later on.

Debbie said...

This card is so cute!! I love the paper!
Oh! Sorry for the embarrassment, but yes, I did laugh at your story! Thanks for sharing! [Kind of reminds me of the time my skirt tail got caught in my hose at church after my potty break!! PTL there was no one saw it before I realized it!!]

Karen said...

OH MY GOSH, I'M STILL LAUGHING!!! Forgive me, I'm so sorry you were embarrassed, what an awful shock to discover the gaping hole... I feel for you, and ... OH OH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHEHEEEEE HOHOHO!!!
.... sorry...... HOOOHOOOHOOO.... !!!

P.S. Your card is adorable!

P.P.S. Black undies next time??? LOL!

Lisa Somerville said...

Love the apron and your choice of papers! Sorry to hear about the recent thefts in your neighborhood, hope they catch them! Thanks for the giggle about your pants - bad dog!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Oh my goodness, Linda! What a day! That doggie of yours! I'm sorry to hear about the thefts in your neighborhood...ugh! Your card is terrific! The apron is so sweetly paper pieced! :D

Basement Stamper said...

Thanks for the good laugh and I'm sorry to hear about the break in's. We've been victims of that before and unfortunately a wallet was left in the car :-(

Your apron card is absolutely stunning, love the patterned paper you used for it.