Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Guess where I'm off to now?

Well, I'm packing my suitcase again for another business trip.  Take a look at these 'sneak peaks' and see if you can guess where I'm going...

If you guessed Asia, you are right.  I'm off to Taipei, Taiwan and then Tokyo, Japan.  During my trip I'll post some photo's (from my handy iphone) and some Asian themed cards I made ahead of time. 

Some people ask me if I like or dislike the business travel.  I like it.  My job is working in the corporate finance group of a high tech company doing pricing programs.  Our company has very low turnover and is a very collaborative environment. I enjoy my business travel because I see the same group of people each time and we work well together.  I probably talk to these same people on the phone or via e-mail several times a month so seeing them face to face once every 18 months is great.  It is also very productive.  Since I like my job and like to see a project or assignment finish with excellence it's great to have the opportunity to meet with the regions and really understand their pricing processes and challenges so that our corporate programs are well received and successful.  It is a lot of work.  Generally we start early and keep talking work through our business dinners. It's also hard to understand the accents - even though all my colleagues speak English.  It just takes a lot of concentration so I'm wiped out after a trip like this, but in a good way.

My company is also really good about travel.  They negotiate good deals so we can stay at nice places and when I travel to Asia I fly business class, which is much nicer than coach.  This trip, the Tiawan office has a deal with the brand new W hotel in Taipei.  They often will 'try' a nice hotel on me (or someone at my level) to see if it's up to standard for a customer or executive.   I get to be the 4 star hotel guinea pig. This is fine with me.  I'll 'try' a 4 star hotel at a discount rate so our local office admin can access whether it's good enough for the mucky-mucks!  From the pictures it looks stunning.  I hope I have some free time to check out the gym and roof-top pool.

My hope (and prayer) for this trip, and all international trips, is that I sleep.  Trust me, I am really stupid when I don't sleep and it's not pretty.  The business trips are not a lot of fun if I suffer from insomnia which is very common for these multi-time zone trips.  I bring my melatonin and Tylenol PM to try to help that along.  I also take the opportunity to sleep when I can.  So if I'm tired at 8:30pm, I go to sleep.  I figure it's better to wake up at 4:30am than to have been awake most of the night.  Besides, I have my laptop and my kindle so even if it is 4:30am I can read my blogs and my books no matter what time of day it is.

When this trip is done, I don't have any other business travel scheduled again, so I can enjoy my summertime with my family.  Yeah!


Mirta Sanchez said...

HI LINDA! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments! Sunday will be fun, hopping with Denami! See you then!
I must say I'm not much of a traveler, I prefer staying close to home! Hope you have a good trip though and have FUN!

Stephanie Lanzalotto said...

Hi Linda, and thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog. I wanted to let you know that I did not use the same technique as Debbie O on that card, I masked it the same way but used sponge daubers and dusting brushes. I love that thecnique but am still a little shy with it. I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip with good sleep every night.

Karen said...

Oh, I hope you have a great trip, with a little time for yourself. Nice to stay in a 4-star hotel, eh? Glad to hear it.

I look forward to traveling along on your blog... Bon voyage!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Travel safe, my Friend! I hope that you have a wonderful trip! :D