Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Before I get to today's topic - traveling, let me share my Asia themed card with you.

Isn't this just adorable?  This is my favorite of all the Asia themed cards I made.  This beauty is a great stamp from Poppy Stamps put on a background of Memory Box papers where the girls kimono is paper pieced in the memory box paper.  The bottom grass is done by putting green washi tape on white card stock and then running it through my cuttlebug with my MFT grass die.   Love this one.

Okay so for today's blog post I thought I'd talk about the actual travel.

First a word about the differing emotions of the different flight segments.  When flying out if the US of A, I generally have a feeling of mildly happy anticipation.  I generally do not dread the flights and the work, but having done it before you know each flight and trip is a little different so you have that unknown, excited anticipation but it's not like a vacation.  I still am always aware that I've got a huge amount of work to do.

On the return flight the emotions are very different.. The return flight is like being at your favorite restaurant, ordering your favorite dish.  I am excited because I know what's coming and I know you like it. Settling into the seat is like putting your head on your pillow after a long day and you are tired.  I almost sigh out loud. The anticipation of returning to comfort, familiarity and loved ones is a great feeling.  I look around at the other Anerican passengers and smile and share a knowing look, aware that they share your feelings as well.

I always choose champagne if they offer it complimentary.  I read somewhere that that distinguishes you as a rookie in business class, but I do not care.  I like champagne and I like to celebrate whenever I can.  Life is short - right?  I also drink a ton of water and not much more alcohol.  Being dehydrated and tired is not a great combination.

So what is it like to be in an airplane seat for 14 consecutive hours?  I think it's a lot like a sick day.  Not one where I'm on deaths door, but not feeling well, no energy, lethargic and not able to go about the normal routine.  If you are like me on these days you get a few glasses of water by your side and lounge in a chair or couch watching bad tv or napping the day away.  You get up occasionally but basically you form roots in your seat and waste the day away.  In business class it's the same, only with someone to wait on you....  Did you see the Pixar movie Wall-e? 

Do you remember the moving recliners people lived in?  Business class is like that.  You recline, you watch your personal entertainment screen and someone brings you food and drink periodically.  

I like to learn what I can about other cultures so if there is a food option from another country that sounds at all appealing I try it. That often means a bento box when going to Japan or a fruit and cheese tray for Europe.

Well, I think that's enough banter about the plane ride.   I hope you are enjoying traveling alone with me on my trip.  Thanks for stopping by today.  Come back tomorrow.

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