Monday, June 11, 2012

Graduation Party - Round 1

Hi Friends,

Wow, I am tired and it's only Monday.  I need a weekend to recover from my weekend, but thankfully I have a desk job and I am glad to be spending the day off my feet.

This past weekend was 'round 1' of the graduation celebrations.   That included the actual graduation on Friday night combined with the 'local' party on Sunday afternoon.    Next weekend starts 'round 2' of the graduation celebrations.  Saturday is the 'family' party.

So, why two parties?  Well, Eric wanted to have a group party with 4 of his friends.  Originally that party was going to be Saturday afternoon June 9th.  But then one of the boys made the all state track team (or something like that) and the event was scheduled for June 9th.  So they shifted the party to Sunday.  We were fine with the date change but we knew that our out of town relatives would not be able to make a Sunday party so we decided to go ahead with the friend party for local people and have a smaller gathering for the out of town relatives.

The friend/local party was a huge success.  The family that hosted it has a great party yard and we probably had over 200 people come by.  I think the whole senior class came by, and many of the teachers and coaches.  Combine that with neighbors, and other work friends of the boys, we had a pretty good crowd the whole afternoon.  There were photo slides going on the two TV screens and the kids sat and watched the videos and laughed at each others baby pictures.  Many of the photos on the screen were of the various boys together since these guys have been friends from before high school.  That is soooo nice.  I didn't cry watching it, but I definitely got sentimental watching the photos of all the boys growing up.

Below is a photo of the 5 boys.
My Eric is on the left in the Celtics t-shirt.  Next is Josh, Connor, Aksel and Matt.  Below is the board of Eric's photo.  Can you believe that he glued the photos on the board for me all by himself? Great job Eric.

 We got Eric some really nice Oakley sunglasses.  Doesn't he look super sporty with them on?

They had all kinds of games going at the party.  Here are a bunch of the seniors playing bocce.

The party was at Karen's house.  She was a bit stressed about 30 minutes before the party started.
Connor's family rented a soft serve ice cream machine.  That (and all the toppings) was a big hit.
It was a great day and the boys had a blast.
Thanks for stopping by my blog today.  Have a great day.


Karen said...

So glad Eric's graduation was fun - you sure had a beautiful day for it. It is both wonderful and poignant to see our children grow up... You are truly blessed with your loving family and I'm happy for you!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Happy Graduation to Eric! Looks like a fun party! Look at him getting crafty with his photo board! :D