Saturday, June 9, 2012


Last night, Whitinsville Christian School graduated a little more than 50 boys and girls in a lovely, but extraordinarily long ceremony.

Below is the card I made for Eric.

 Eric and Jessa originally met because their lockers were next to each other.  WCS arranges lockers alphabetically so Mitchell and Monroe were inevitably next to each other each year.  So how cute was it last night when they were paired to walk side by side up the aisle to their seats and it was so sweet that first Jessa was called up for her diploma and then Eric.

I really blew it last night though.  I usually take all my photos with my iphone because I think the camera and resolution is better than my canon point and click.  The only problem is the flash photos on my iphone are terrible.  The ceremony went on forever.  We didn't finish until 8:30pm so by the time we were done it was dark.  I really regretted not having a decent flash camera and am really hoping others send me photos.  Above is one of the best that I got.  Below is one that Bob took on his ipad.

When Bob brought his ipad I thought it was a little strange, but he got some great videos with it.  You can see Eric and Jessa get their diplomas and hear the kind works the teachers said about them as they went up.
And a graduation post wouldn't be the same without a darling picture of Eric as a kid.  He was adorable then and he's adorable now.  Where did that beautiful blonde hair go???  He was a cutey pie, don't you think? 

 We are so proud of Eric.  He graduated with high honors and really had a wonderful and successful time in High School. He worked really hard to get good grades and perform well in sports.  I feel really confident that he is well equipped to take on the challenges that college will bring.  He is a very independent studier and very self motivated.
Have a great day.  Stop by tomorrow to see my two card creations for DeNami's blog hop challenge 'for the guys.'


Anonymous said...

Yeah...Eric & Jessa!!

Karen said...

I send my congratulations to Eric, but also congratulate you and Bob. Much of Eric's success is the result of your love and dedication. He is a remarkable young man and I'm sure you're proud of him!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Congratulations to Eric! And Jessa, too! :D