Friday, July 20, 2012

Papertrey Ink Make It Monday

Hello friends and happy Friday,

This is my second post today.  For this post I played along with a fun challenge PTI gave on the make it monday video.  The challenge was to 'roll the die' and decide what layout to use, what stamps to use, what colors to use etc.

I got a very random combination of items and was quite challenged to design a decent card with it, but I pulled it off and my creation is below:

So what was challenging about this?  Well, the hardest thing was figuring out how to use my melon stamp set with my brown, aqua and cream color scheme.  No matter how you slice it, no melon is aqua colored.  See my pun, no matter how you 'slice' it.  Anyway, since I didn't want to make a blue and brown melon, I used my melon stamp to make a patterned paper.  I never would have done this if I didn't roll the die this way you know, but surprisingly both the tiny tags stamp set and the melon stamp set work just fine in creating a patterned paper.  Who knew.

So below is my 'game board' that shows my options and what I ended up.

Oh and before I go, let me tell you about a fun give away.  I follow the blog 'fuzzy slippers' published by Moriah.  Moriah has a darling little dog named cad who was injured last summer and has spent the past 12 months getting stronger.  So Cad has a give away.  click the link below to see the give away and play along yourself.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great day.

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Kimberly Gajewski said...

Terrific card, Linda! What a great design! I love the color combination! :D