Saturday, August 11, 2012

A little joke on my DH and a book using Your Next Stamp Images

Hi friends,

In addition to this lovely crafty goodness (below), I thought I’d talk today about a funny ‘ism’ of my dear husband Bob.   

I bought this blank 3X5 book at AC Moore and decorated the front and back with paper and stamped images.  This size book is perfect for a journal.  I'll use this to keep my prayer requests and to count my blessings.  The image is YNS mermaid.  The paper is Webster Pages. The wave die is from MFT and the circle dies are papertrey ink.  This project is for YNS challenge 'book.'   It was fun to ink up my mini mermaid stamp for this challenge.

So now on to my DH prank.  My DH is one of the kindest and considerate men you’ll meet.  He is always clean shaven, groomed and put together.  Not in a metro-sexual way.  He is not at all a styling kind of guy, but very conscious of being neat and clean.  A few years ago we bought some new furniture for our TV viewing area.  We had an old sofa and loveseat that had survived over 12 years when our kids were babies up till teenagers.  It was worn and it was worn good.  That was why we were getting new.  So we were donating {donating} the old couch and love-seat to the Salvation army.  My DH spent hours cleaning, sewing and fixing up that old sofa and loveseat so it would be nice enough to donate to the Salvation army.  Are you getting an idea about my DH now?

So, I played a little trick on him this week and sure enough he fell for it – well sort of.  It’s been super hot and humid here in New England this past week.  Over 90 every day.  On Saturday they had a special on lobster at the grocery store.  I picked up two already cooked lobsters at noon on Saturday and made some lobster salad with it. $9.95 for the pair - good deal at price chopper.  I disposed of the lobster garbage and we put the bag out in the big garbage bin.  Yup, it was stinky – even on Saturday.  Well, combine that with other household garbage and by Tuesday that big green garbage pail was ripe.  My DH put the can outside Wed so we didn’t have to smell it in the garage.   On Thursday when it was garbage day, my husband talked all day about what the trash collectors would think of us and our stinky garbage.  I was like  'everyone’s garbage stinks today.  It’s August and we’ve had a heat wave.’  So around 5pm I sent my DH a text message.  I said ‘Berkowitz left a message – effective immediately they will not longer pick up our trash.’  Of course I was joshing with him.  There was no note or phone call from the trash company.    He asked me ‘did they really leave a note?’  ‘you are kidding about them cancelling our trash pick-up – right?’  There was a part of him that knew I was joking, but there was another part of him that was like – our trash really was stinky – I bet they will cancel our service.’  Bahahaha…..  We did feel bad for the trash collectors that day.  We thought – summer is a pretty rotten (no pun intended) time to be a trash collector.  But then, in the dead of winter when it is freezing and the streets are covered in snow, well, that’s not such a great time to be a trash collector either.  Let’s just hope that people who collect trash have a poor sense of smell and/or get used to it.  Both my DH and I thanked our lucky stars for our education and our nice office jobs that day.

Love that man.  He still makes me laugh.


Shelly Schmidt said...

I love your journal idea and design! I play jokes on my hubby like that- hope he got a chuckle out of it......!

Karen (Your Next Stamp) said...

Love this book and I especially love what you are going to be using it for! Also thanks for the giggles! Your hubby sounds like a wonderful man! Thank you so much for joining us for our YNS book challenge!

Julie E said...

Creating a book is a great way to meet the YNS "book" challenge :>) Sounds like you are having fun even in a heat wave - ha!

Suzanne Bier said...

Love your altered notebook! Super cute way to use the mini mermaid stamp! Thanks for joining in our book challenge at Your Next Stamp!