Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bunny Hunting or Granny Jogging?

Hi friends,

First up, my crafty goodness for the TSG challenge.  The challenge was to use green, orange and blue.  I just got this darling Beach Bums stamp set in the mail Thursday so it was begging to get inked up in these colors.  This set is so fun.  This card will go to my friend Yvonne who is a Florida native and she's getting baptized at Sandy Beach on Sunday - perfect for a beach theme.  It's not a religous card, but if you know Yvonne, you'd realize it's perfect for her.   Inside it says 'Happy day' with another palm tree.
So today I thought I’d tell you about my new running partner.  But before I tell you about my new partner, I need to clarify the word ‘running.’ I actually discovered that what I do is more appropriately called ‘Granny Jogging.’   This is the PERFECT word for what I do.  My friend Bridget talked about this and I think the Granny Jogging refers to any running/jogging effort that is actually slower than a lot of people walk.  I ‘run’ about a 14 minute mile.  That is 4.4 miles an hour.  Most people walk (not even a brisk walk) at 3 miles an hour.  So my ‘run’ is better titled ‘granny jog.’  Regardless of what it is called, I do it for 30 minutes 5 times a day.  I am out of breath the whole time I am doing it and I sweat {a lot.}  So it is fabulous exercise for me regardless of what it is called.

So do you want to know about my new running partner?  He is very compatible.  He goes at the same pace as me and is ready to go out anytime of the day that I want to.  He isn’t a great motivator though.  He often wants to head home before the end of our work-out and he often wants to stop along the way and sniff the flowers.  Can you guess that my new running partner is a 4 legged canine?  Yup, it’s my naughty dog Tankster.  

 I’m convinced that Tank thinks we go out every morning, not for a run or granny jog, but for a bunny hunt.  There is one bunny (pretty darn tame) that lives in our neighborhood.  He is an early riser and is often seen in the grass or bushes in the various areas of our neighborhood.   Both days that Tankster came for a run with me, we both saw the bunny.  Tank could not understand why we didn’t pursue him into the woods when we came upon him.  I’m sure he was like – look, we found him, he went that way…. Why do you insist on continuing along the road when the bunny went that way?  The entire run, Tankster is on full bunny alert, running along – eyes focused all around – looking for that bunny.  Lucky for me, both times he spotted the bunny, I saw the bunny too and had a good grip on the leash.  The word Heel means absolutely nothing to Tank when the bunny is in sight.  I got a good upper body workout restraining 27 pounds of acceleration in the opposite direction for 5 minutes and keeping a strong grip on the leash as we went along our 2 ½ mile trip.

I’m glad to have Tank along in the morning.  It does slow me down a little – I need to stop and pick up poopies at least once on the trip, but he needs the extra exercise.  When Eric leaves in a few weeks, Tank is going to have a lot of time alone (well, with Joey, but that doesn’t count.).  He’ll handle the separation anxiety much better if he’s had some good exercise in the morning.  Joey is just too darn old to go for a run 5 times a week and I can’t handle the double leashes and run too.  So Joey will get his once a day walk and Tank will get a walk and run most days and hopefully he won’t be chewing my furniture and random things at the house to bits when I go to work most days.

Thanks for visiting today.  Have a great day.


wrapknot said...

ahhhh the bunnies! we have some not so bright ones that decided to raise their family in our yard. the yard that has two large, energetic dogs. the pup (she is already 2) has realized that bunnies hop and go fast and are a wonderful thing to chase. we have found one that expired after a chase. not very bright bunnies.

Crafty Math Chick said...

What a terrific card! (This set is wicked cute, isn't it?) Thanks for playing along with the TSG challenge - hope you will join us again!