Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Counting down the days till empty nest - and a card for SSSC

Hi friends,

My card today is for Karen Giron's Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge.  I used Taylored Expressions 'Love Grows Here' set.  I matched this set up with some fun cloud and sun paper and a pretty blue sheet music paper to create this fun birthday card.

I flipped the sketch to include my vertical image and voila.... my SSSC #165.

So, I've been trying to keep busy this week.  I figure if I stay busy I won't get sad and melancholy.  Why?  Well, Bob and I are in the final days of life as we know it.  We are approaching the empty nest and so far doing okay with it {see sentence above on the staying busy strategy.}

Friday we take our youngest son Eric down to South Carolina to Clemson University and then on Sunday head back home {alone} to Massachusetts to begin a new chapter in our lives called 'empty nest.'  People ask me how I feel about it.  Frankly I'm not nearly as happy as I had thought I'd be 10 years ago.  I mean 10 years ago life was BUSY and having a few hours to myself was BLISS.  10 years ago, Eric was 8 and heading into 3rd grade.  Sarah was 13 and heading into 8th grade.  I was driving everyone all over creation, cooking meals, keeping the pantry full and managing homework assignments.  Back then the thought of an empty nest sounded WONDERFUL.  But funny how 10 years changes things.  Now the idea of having the house to myself sounds more lonely than fun.  I don't mind being alone, but I have quite a bit of time now home alone so it's not really a treat.

As with all seasons ending and new seasons starting, I'm trying to be pragmatic about the whole thing.  I mean we did our job well - right?  The main goal of parenting is to raise happy, healthy young adults.  Both my kids are happy, healthy and more or less well adjusted.  So the fact that Eric is heading off to college on his own, and the fact that Sarah is in Europe teaching - it's all good you know?  The problem is that empty nest is a little bit of a gap. You know like March.  It's not winter anymore (thank god) but it's not spring.  It's kind of in-between.  I think this fall will be a gap season for Bob and I.  We aren't planning weddings yet. We aren't anticipating grand children yet, we aren't close enough to start talking about retirement yet.  We are kind of  'in between.'  Is there joy in the 'in between?'  I hope so and I plan to make it so.  The same as March.  Why can't there be joy in March?  I am a firm believer in the idea of 'bloom where you are planted' so my intention is to squeeze as much joy out of our in between empty nest season as possible.

I've heard from most people who have gone through it that once you get past the change, it's pretty good.    Bob and I have some fun things planned this fall - like a trip to Clemson in September to see a football game and a fun cruise to celebrate Bob's 50th birthday in October.   I just hope the dogs survive the transition well.  They will probably miss Eric more than I will and Lord knows they have no exciting plans for the fall to help them get through the transition.  Maybe I'll buy them a new toy or dog treat.

Well, thanks for reading my 'approaching empty nest' rant..... I'm sure I'll have more to say about it as we go through it.

Have a great day and thanks again for visiting my blog today.

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