Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How does my garden grow

Hi friends,

I had fun inking up my gnome buddy from TSG's stamps this weekend and it got me inspired to photograph (and share) pictures of my summer garden with you.

Do you have a garden?    I think I like my little backyard fence garden the best of any garden I've ever had.  I only do flowers now.  There is an awesome farm stand in my town and I think it's actually cheaper for me to buy my veggies and fruit from Foppema Farms.  I can spend a lot of money on soil, plants and stuff and still only yield a handful of tomatoes.  I better leave that growing to the experts.

What I love about my little backyard fence garden is that there is something in bloom from March-October.  Want to see what's blooming today?  Of course you do.

I have an early blooming yellow mum.  I did cut this back in May and then again in July, but it's gang busters now and I hope it stays blooming into the fall.  It sure is pretty.

 My white phlox is also still going strong.  I love how those blossoms stay full and beautiful for several weeks.
 I have some hydrangeas that manage to bloom nicely even though they don't get a lot of sun. 
And I love, love, love my black-eyed suzie's.  They bloom non-stop all summer long and the bright yellow is just fabulous.  Do you see the back area where the fence is?  The contrast of the bright yellow blossom against the white fence is soooo pretty.  I also have some pink cone flower and some cleome over there.  It's pretty on the driveway view into the deck and the view from the deck to the yard. 
I am definitely going to find a way to replicate this garden when we move.  So easy to care for and so pretty all year long.  Plus it is so handy to have a small fenced in area for the dogs.  I just let them out and they have a small stone area to take care of business late at night or early in the morning.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a great day.

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