Friday, September 7, 2012

Fall Themed Card & Cape Cod Labor Day

Hi friends,

First up let me share with you my card for Lisa Somerville's bloggers challenge.  Her challenge this week was to make a fall themed card.  Fun!

I used this pretty Lockhart stamp and colored it with copics.  I used my October Afternoon papers and some grommets and twine.  Love how simple and elegant this one is.

Last weekend my DH and I went to Cape Cod for for the holiday weekend.  I figured with Eric off to college, it would be fun to enjoy our first empty nest long weekend at the beach.  For those of you who have never been to New England or our beaches, Cape Cod is simply beautiful.  We had perfect weather and the joy of the cape is the variety of outdoor beauty to behold.  We stay in the Brewster/Orleans area.  One thing I've noticed is that people in New England all have 'their' cape town.  If you talk to people in my town, and ask them, where do you go on the cape, you'll get a different answer from each and the answer never changes.   It's funny how we all just 'pick our spot' and don't change.  And it's also funny how different the various towns are on the cape. They each have their own personality so to speak.

I have below the top 10 things to love about Cape Cod.
10)  The Cape Cod Rail Trail.  There are probably over 35 miles of paved bike trails on Cape Cod.  There are joggers, dog walkers, bicyclists, strollers, rollerbladers and old people with canes on the trail. 

9) Lobster Roll Sandwiches.  New England is known for lobster and my favorite way to enjoy it is in sandwich form.  At Sesuit Harbor Inn they boil the lobsters in a big pot out back and get the meat out.  Then they add in a little bit of mayonnaise and lemon juice to make the filling.  They take a New England style hot dog roll (yes, it's different than what you get in the rest of the world) and toast it on the grill with butter.  Then they add lettuce to the roll and stuff a huge amount of lobster salad into it and voila - the lobster roll.

8) Cranberry Bogs.  Okay, if you read my blog, you get to learn something.  Most of you probably think that cranberries are grown in swampy, wet areas.  Not true.  The cranberry grows most of the year in very sandy soil with normal irrigation.  The only time the deep water comes into play is at harvest time.  When the berries are ripe they are ready to fall off the vine.  The farmer floods the sandy field and the flood causes all the berries to separate off the vine and makes it a piece of cake to harvest. There are lots of cranberry bogs in cape cod.  We pass a bunch of them on the bike trail.  The first picture is the cranberry field on the bike trail. 
 The second picture is showing how cranberries are harvested.
7) Oceanside Beaches.  The cape has plenty of traditional, oceanside beaches.  These are sandy beaches with surf.  They face the atlantic ocean and while the water is COLD, it is beautiful.  I love how New England beaches have beautiful grass and dunes and wild roses.  So darn pretty.  Love it.

6) Bayside Beaches.   The cape has another type of beach, which I have come to love.  The cape is well, a cape so that means it has a bay.  There are some really fun bayside beaches.  These are sandy with lots of grassy, marsh areas.  When the tide goes out, there are huge areas of sandy/salt water puddle areas.  It's the perfect place to skim board or bring a net to catch salt water critters.  There are also natural 'lazy rivers' that emerge where salt water rivers get a strong current that will bring you from a grassy/marsh river area out into the bay.  The sunsets on the bayside beaches are stunning.  We caught a beautiful one Sunday night before we got ice cream.

5) Kettle Ponds.  One other unique feature of cape cod is all the fresh water ponds that exist.  They are actually kettle ponds and arise from the ground water.  They are shallow, warm and full of wildlife - like frogs and stuff.  A friend of mine always used to talk about when her kids were little they would spend the morning at the salt water beach and then head to a kettle pond for the afternoon.  A fun variety of water for all ages.
4) Sharks.  There were several shark sightings on the cape this summer with a few injuries to surfers as well.  I'm not really a shark fan, but it was interesting when we were at the Marconi Beach to see the big seals in the water and then watch for any 'fin activity' as well. Can you see the flag on the Marconi Beach?  It's blue - yup - sharks probable!  Notice the crazy surfers.  That is NUTS if you ask me.

3) Preppies.  Okay, maybe I don't love this, but it is unique to the area.  There really are people who are 'preppy.'  They wear the clothes they advertise in Lands End - such as navy blue capri's with green whales on them.  They have pink sweaters that they wear around their shoulders.  They have vera bradley purses.  They are coiffed and together.  And they are everywhere on the cape.   Fun for people watching - especially in Chatham - the mother ship of preppy style!  And speaking of preppy.  The Kliens are some friends of our family that have a summer house they rent in Chatham.  When we were at a little coffee shop (taking a break from our 20 mile bike ride) who do we run into but Dick and P.K. Klien.  We enjoyed catching up with them over a muffin.  The Kliens are the preppiest people I know.  Love it!
2) Ice Cream.  Okay, there really is nothing special about ice cream on cape cod, it's just that whenever you visit a beach area, don't you get ice cream?  I splurged and got a vanilla ice cream soda Sunday night.  Yum!

1) History.  Cape Cod is full of really cool history.  For instance did you know that when the Pilgrams first landed in MA, they were in Provincetown on Cape Cod, not Plymouth rock?  The protected waters of the bay were a safe haven for the pilgrims for their first winter.  Also, did you know that the first long distance wireless communication happened in Wellfleet on Cape Cod?  An italian inventor named Marconi, set up a facility in the very desolate beach area of Wellfleet and did the first transatlantic wireless message.  Also very cool.

So now you know all the things I love about cape cod.  What beach do you love?  What makes it special?

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Stop back tomorrow for more 'There She Goes' Birthday posts and Sunday is the DeNami Blog Hop.  I've got a really fun and wild 'back to school' card ready for that one.


Lisa Somerville said...

Beautiful fall themed card! Looks like you and your DH had a wonderful time in Cape Cod!

Debbie said...

Your card is gorgeous!!
Great pics! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Ida said...

Wonderful card. That stamp is really neat and I like the papers and the layout you used.
Looks like you had a great trip too. Loved the Beach photos.

Basement Stamper said...

Great card, perfect for the fall. You definitely made me think we need a trip to the Cape sometime VERY soon :-)

butterfly said...

Gorgeous harvest basket against that lovely elegant background! Glad to have made it for the hop this week! Very envious of your trip to Cape Cod - looks a wonderful place to visit...
Alison x