Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Taylored Expression 'last card standing'

Hi friends,

Well, I seem to have gotten my mojo back.  I had some free time last night and while watching a bunch of previously recorded Voice episodes I got out my Taylored Expression set for Thanksgiving and got crafty.  Again, I don't know if any of these will be worthy of making the finalist stage, but I like them and will put them to good use as either a hostess gift set or cards for friends.

I like the apple card the best I think.  I did more shading with the apples than I've done in the past.  It does take some self control to not keep coloring and blending until the apple is all one shade.  Up close it looks blotchy and un-even but at the normal viewing distance the contrast makes it so much more life-like.  I keep practicing my copic skills that I learned last summer at my copic class and it does seem to be getting better. 

So do you watch any of those talent reality shows?  I like them because they are entertaining but do not require a lot of focus.  The Voice is perfect for card making since you are listening to the singers and judges  I like Adam and Blake Shelton the best for judges. 

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great day.


Katie Skiff said...

Cute cards!! I esp love your coloring on the apple card!! Great job!! Thanks for linking up with me!!

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

I saw you on Katies Linky and love the apple's! Fabulous coloring. Great design. Love the Voice, Adam is so great, love the intense vibe, lol.

Karen said...

Love both of these cards, especially the apple one, and I love the apple basket - is it paper-pieced? I think your Copic coloring is beautiful and the design of each is lovely.

KanataNewf said...

popping by from Katie's linky party! Love how you coloured those apples! I always struggle with getting depth on round objects. Your technique looks great!