Friday, October 19, 2012

Quebec City

Hi friends,

Last week we celebrated my husband's birthday in Quebec City with family.  It was  really nice time.

Below is a nice photo of my Dad (Richard) and his wife Marylu.  They live in Arizona so they were quite cold but managed to stay warm enough.  Marylu bought that nice warm hat while there.

 The leaves were very pretty, and while it was cloudy the rain didn't come.

 Below is a nice shot of Bob's parents Joan and Bob at the restaurant.

 Here is my Mom (Donna) and her husband Peter.

 This is all of us...

 Bob and I....  People all over comment that Bob looks a little like Anderson Cooper - the news broadcaster.  I think it's the full head of gray hair and blue eyes that causes the resemblance.

 Bob with his sparkler for his birthday dessert.
Here I'm getting ready for an early morning run in the cold.  I had not packed for cold weather but managed to bundle up and get out there.

 I was rewarded with some beautiful views on my morning run.  Below is a shot of the colored leaves and the entrance to the old city.
 Here I took a break from running to snap this photo.  This is the fields of Abraham where a famous battle took place.  The city is hilly with views of the river all around.

Here is Bob's parents and my Mom as we toured around the city.

 The famous hotel in Quebec City.
 Our restaurant in old city where we had Bob's birthday dinner.
 Peter, My Mom and Bob's Mom taking a rest from shopping.
 Peter and my mother danced to the violin playing of a street performer.
 They love music so much and the crowd was really appreciating their dancing.
Fall is a beautiful time to visit Quebec, but it was cold.  how pretty are all the decorations on the shops and restaurants.

 Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a great day.


Kimberly Gajewski said...

Looks like a beautiful place! I've always wanted to go! Happy birthday to Bob! :D

Karen said...

Your trip to Quebec looked like a lot of fun. It is such a pretty city; I didn't know. You and Bob look great and happy (and by the way, Bob is a lot cuter than Anderson Cooper!)