Monday, October 1, 2012

SSSC and What's new in the {empty} nest

Hi friends,

Today's post is a card for Karen Giron's sweet sunday sketch challenge #168.

This sketch was super fun with it's clean and simple lines.

I inked up this 'There She Goes' set with the boy and dog in the boat for this challenge. 

So, do you want a quick update of what's going on in the Monroe household?

Well, I am having to boost my stamping self esteem from a disappointing September.  I submitted about 8 cards to Northridge publications and none got picked up.  I submitted about 4 cards to the Taylored Expression 'Last card standing' competition and didn't make the first round of cuts and then last night I realized that my card for DeNami's Personal Style Challenge was not the winner for their contest.  Big Sigh.  I know it's ridiculous to feel this way, but when a company doesn't select my card, it makes me have bad feelings towards that company.  Crazy- I know - and probably they have these contests to boost sales, but for me, since there are so few winners, it really has the opposite effect on me. So I won't be buying any northridge magazines and I am feeling not as many happy thoughts as earlier this month about Taylored Expressions.   Another Big Sigh.

So it's time to dust off my rear end and nurse my bruised ego wounds.   You'd think that I'd be thick skinned about all this and not be bothered, but surprisingly having this much rejection in one month really got me down.  I don't even want to make cards anymore.  And that is downright idiotic.  I know in my mind that just because I did not get selected as a winner in these contests should not impact my desire to stamp and create.  The recipients of my cards love them.  I love creating them (usually) and I have 50 blog followers who obviously enjoy seeing my posts or they wouldn't follow me.

But it's human nature to feel a little down with rejection.  So I'll take a few days off, congratulate those who did win in these contests and look for some new inspiration for October.  I'll also probably take a few months off from submitting.  I need to allow myself time to reconnect with my love of the hobby and focus on making special cards for special people.

How do you handle stamping rejection?  I'd love to hear tips on how to not let it get you down.

So, what else is new in the {empty} nest?  Well, one great benefit of having the kids out of the house is significantly lower electric bills.  My electric company sends me an e-mail every month showing me my energy usage compared to my neighbors.  Every month, our graph has been higher than the neighbors.  My son played sports so we had a lot of laundry and a lot of long hot showers.  He also played X-Box often and had the T.V. going with various sporting events.  With him gone, it's been noticeably less hot water and electric usage.  That's a nice benefit.

This was last months energy statement.  I like the two happy faces.

This was our energy statement from last spring.  They still gave me a smiley face, but I don't think they think it's good PR to give sad faces.

Overall, I'd say we are adjusting well to our new routines.  We miss the kids but they are both doing great.  Can you believe that Eric wore a bow-tie to a FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) dance Friday night?  We could not believe it either.  And he wants a pair of Sperry topsiders.  The southern preppies are starting to influence him.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today.  Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Do not give up making the cards. Each one is individual & beatiful & get better all the time. Who knows the hows & whys of winner selection but in the overall scheme of things, they are probably rigged....Mom M.

Heidi H said...

I just happened to be browsing on your blog and caught this post --- please don't be discouraged. I participate in tons of challenges all the time, and it is rare for me to get picked, so I'm so excited when I do. Have you considered participating in the DeNami Stamp Addict challenge (if you don't already)? Anyway, I like your work. :-)