Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day and a Birthday Card for Hannah

Hello friends,

So have you cast your vote yet?  I went right at 7am when the polls opened.  I was done at 7:20 and then enjoyed (?) my typical 1 hour and 20 minute commute into work.  Sigh.  I think the economy is getting better in Boston.  I judge the economy by traffic.  Last spring I was able to get to work in 50 minutes.  Now it’s a full 30 minutes longer.  So, more people are working and spending money on gas than before – at least that’s my take on the situation.  

So, do you know how lucky we are to be able to vote?  Nichole from PTI posted today about the woman’s suffrage movement.  Do you realize that our grandmothers (or if you are young – your great grandmothers) did not have the right to vote?  My daughter also posted on her blog last week that in Ukraine (where she is serving as a peace corp. volunteer) the election they held last week was highly suspect.  In that country, they are able to vote, but because the election process is so fraudulent, many don’t bother.  Popular candidates are withheld from the ballot (and in some cases in jail) and even if they do vote, they don’t have confidence that their vote is actually tallied correctly.  Wow – that is hard for me to imagine.  We may question the accuracy of our voting process and we may even have some areas of the country where there is suspect of fraud, but to have widespread fraud and manipulation at the level they have in Ukraine is discouraging.  The young people of the country feel very hopeless about their ability to influence things.  

I am sooo thankful that the election is coming to an end.  I don’t know about your area, but here in MA, we have had to suffer through a very nasty campaign for senator.  My goodness, based on the ad’s we’ve had to endure both candidates are complete idiots, downright liars and positively EVIL.  It’s been nasty and I’ll be glad to have it done with.  It’s even made me question my admiration and support for my candidate.    Frankly, I don’t believe any of it anymore – it’s all so EXTREME – you know?

So do you like this fun and bright card I posted today?  I used this Taylored Expression stamp and made this for my niece Hannah.  Hannah turns 11 this month.  She is a 9/11 baby (kind of.)  My sister was pregnant when 9/11 happened.  It helps me remember how old she is.  Now I have to head to Target and find a pillow pet.  I love pillow pets and will have fun choosing one for her.  Maybe a panda bear….. oh and a target gift card to go with it.  Little girls LOVE target gift cards.  Lots of things to choose from there and that will make a nice gift from Aunt Linda.

Well, enjoy your day and the drama of the media tonight as they tally the votes and tell us if the country will go to hell in hand basket next year.  Well, that’s what my husband thinks will happen if his candidates don’t win.  Somehow I think we’ll survive, but I guess only time will tell – right?


Karen said...

Great post - I'm right in line with you about the election. I'll be glad the unsolicited phone calls will end... although I rather like the message I got on my answering machine from Matt Damon asking if I needed a ride to the polls!

I voted at the end of the afternoon I spent with my daughter... haven't seen any coverage yet.

I LOVE your card - it has all the right - j'ne sais quois - stuff! Totally adorable design and a great color scheme. She'll love it!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Darling card, Linda! Wonderful mix of colors for this sweet image! So glad that the election is done too! Things were getting too nasty for me...ugh! :D