Sunday, December 2, 2012


Today is the first of my 12 blogs of Christmas. Unlike last year, I am making up my own topics and doing this BEFORE Christmas, not after.  I'm not sure if all 12 posts will have a crafty thing to show, but I hope so.  Regardless, I hope to write something every other day from now till Christmas.  I hope you enjoy my Christmas ramblings....

Today's post is about excitement.  What do you get excited about?  Have you ever been excited for something only to find it's kind of a let down?  How about the opposite?  Have you ever thought something would be dull, only to find it was really awesome?  This happens to me all the time.

For some strange reason I get excited about shopping.  Other people don't.  They consider shopping (all kinds) to be a major chore and dread it, but I get excited about the idea of shopping - grocery shopping, clothes shopping, all kinds of shopping.  However, this is one of those things that fits into the 'let down' category.  I find the anticipation of shopping is generally better than the experience of shopping.  So now that I'm old enough to know this, how does it impact my life?  Well, I think in the past I would prioritize shopping.  If I had some free time I would eagerly add shopping into my schedule.  Now that I'm more aware of the 'let down' experience, I am (a little not a lot) more discerning about allowing shopping to eat into my free time.  I'm still learning.  I do find that shopping still eats up a big portion of my free time and I guess I'm glad that I like it (to some degree) because it is a necessary part of my life.  I mean we do need groceries and stuff and honestly if I left it my husband we'd starve to death, but I do still need to be more discerning about it.

As for what I find exciting and doesn't have a let down is doing charitable things.   These days I find myself getting really excited about doing charitable things.  Several years ago my husband and I decided to give a gift of a guitar to a local church who was starting a teen music coffee house.  We did this instead of buying each other gifts.  So the money we budgeted for each other went to pay for the guitar.  When I got the perfect guitar I was overwhelmed with excitment to the point that I was out of breath when I was talking to the women who would deliver it.  The thought of young teens learning to love music and being mentored by worship leaders in an organized environment filled me with hope and love.  I can still remember the excitement and joy of that gift even though it was years ago.  I can hardly remember what I got or gave my husband the last few years.

This week I had another one of those 'out of breath' with excitement moments.  I had heard of a place in Hopkinton MA that was a type of respite center for young women who were coming out of abusive situations and/or drug/alcohol addictions.  These young women often arrive at this home with nothing but the clothes on their back and they are in a safe/supervised environment for a period of time until they can establish themselves back in society.  I had thought of doing a card making session with them, but never quite got around to contacting them.  Until last week.  I asked a bunch of people and finally got the contact information and had a wonderful conversation with one of the care-giver workers on Thursday.  She was very excited about my idea to come in to the home some evening and coordinate a Christmas card making time with them.   Her enthusiasm for the idea and my hopes that these young ladies can be creative and expressive in sharing a card/note with loved ones again filled me with hope and love.  I was out of breath when I immediately called two other friends to engage them in the effort.  There are 26 ladies and if we make 4 cards, that's over 100 cards we have to be ready for.

Here is one of the cards we will teach the ladies to make.  We'll have to kit everything up, pre-cutting all the papers.  To make this happen I'll need to a have a 'pre-party' for all the kitting and then the actual card making event at the home.

It's a little overwhelming, but I am so excited for this.   I have recruited 4 crafty ladies already so I think I can muster 2 or three more helpers to make this happen.  Can you tell I'm excited??? What are you excited for this Christmas season?

Philippians 1:20

As it is my eager expectation and hope that I will not be at all ashamed, but that with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death.


Karen said...

I LOVE this card... and am always in awe of your generosity towards others. Hope your excitement peaks as you share yourself with these ladies who will surely be blessed.

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Karen wrote exactly what I was thinking! You are such a generous and loving person, Linda! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful person as my friend and my role model! :D