Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Food

Hi all, Did you survive your Christmas celebrations?  I hope so.  We have two more Christmas celebrations coming up and I have another Christmas card to hand out tomorrow.

I didn't want to do the traditional christmas card so I went with the snowman image.  We are getting a whole lot of snow today so it seemed appropriate.

So this may seem like a strange post, but I find it really interesting and amusing to see how different families celebrate holidays and the foods they celebrate with.

For our celebrations, I focus on seasonal foods and each holiday meal would include foods that are not served at other holiday meals.  My inlaws also do some seasonal food, but they also have favorite dishes that show up for every holiday meal, so there are certain dishes that we can count on having each and every holiday: winter, spring, summer and fall.

My mother-in-law puts out an awesome spread of appetizers.   The assortment above includes shrimp cocktail, garbage bread and one of my favorites -  shrimp dip and chips.  I love her chips and dip platter.  If I did a lot of entertaining, I'd want one of these.

My DH says it takes a lot of discipline to not load up on appetizers and save room for dinner.  

So here are my photos from the Christmas 2012 buffet.  First up, something we fondly call 'green stuff.'  I really don't know whats in it.  I don't eat it, but I think it's sweet and includes green jello and coolwhip.  This shows up at every meal.  It's Bob's fathers favorite dish.

Next up is sausage and peppers.  This dish is really yummy.  A classic italian entree that is great the day of the event and the day after too.
 Next up, baked beans and a veggie.  I brought these honey glazed carrots.

This next dish is stuffed shells.  Often Bob's mom makes manicotti.  She makes manicotti with hand made crepes and they are really, really good.  The stuffed shells are good too.  For this christmas there were three platters (banquet size) of stuffed shells.  Yes, there was enough food to feed a small army.

 We also had Ham and Turkey.  There was a large spiral cut ham and two large turkey breasts.
Here is a coffee cake and sweet pumpkin bread.
 My sister in law made this beautiful salad.
 And there are always deviled eggs.
 A platter of Turkey..
Lastly there was a huge pot of coffee.  My father in law really enjoys a cup of coffee immediately after a meal so we have all learned to make the coffee just as we are serving the dinner so the coffee is hot and done right after he's finished his dinner.
So I'm sure you are thinking that this meal was set out to feed 25 people or more.  Actually there were 15 of us.  But, the good news is that this food fed 15 of us for 3 days.   My MIL did an awesome job.  She must have been cooking and washing dishes for three days straight.

How about you?  What does your family do for food for the holidays?

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