Saturday, January 5, 2013

A really great 3 weeks

Hi friends,

How are you doing in this new year?  I am doing great.   We had such a nice Christmas and New Year's Celebration.  It was such a treat for us to have my daughter home from Ukraine and my son home from Clemson S.C.  We had a nice mix of travelling and visiting and relaxing at home.

It wound up being really great that the company my husband and I both work for shut down for two weeks.  We were off work from December 21st (last day) until January 7th (Monday when we go back.)  It enabled us to really spend time with our kids and extended family and not feel stressed out with too many other obligations.

Below is a visual highlight of our time off.

First, I made my first SUCCESSFUL pinterest recipe.  My usual experience with pinterest recipes is I see something I like but when I make it, it looks nothing like the picture.  Voila.....  my christmas chocolate covered strawberries looked AND tasted amazing!  AND, it was super easy.  Melting white chocolate in the microwave and then dipping in green sprinkles.  Yum.

Jessa came over and helped Sarah and Eric wrap gifts  She was so proud of the excellent wrapping job on her gift (a travel mug) for me.  It was darling!  Thanks Jessa.
I did an impulse buy at Michaels and bought this 'do it yourself' gingerbread house.  The kids had fun putting it together, all by themselves.
We had snow on Christmas morning.  It was so nice to have a white Christmas.  Even thought we live in New England, it is still rare to actually have snow on Christmas.
Eric did not put anything on his Christmas wish list.  So that meant that everyone got him CLEMSON items.  I loved this little Clemson pillow pet.
Sarah really enjoyed spending time with her cousins.  It's funny to call them all kids still.  The youngest is 14!
Our tree.  We made the switch to an artificial tree last year.  While I do miss the real tree (and the evergreen smell) it is a beautiful tree and we have so many pretty ornaments (old and new) to decorate it.
On Wednesday the 19th, Eric, Jessa, Bridget and I headed down to Jordan's furniture and enjoyed walking through the 'enchanted village.'  It was really darling and a fun, relaxing day with friends and family.
Sarah's homecoming!  On Friday the 21st Bob and I headed to Logan airport (with balloons and flowers) to get Sarah from Ukraine.  It was a joyous homecoming!
What did Sarah want to do (after eating at Panera Bread?)  Go to Target.  She was so happy to be at an American Store.  They don't have department stores (or Target) in Eastern Europe.
Jessa also got quite a few clemson things.  She seemed to really like this fleece clemson blanket.  

On Sunday before Christmas we headed into Boston for the day.  Sarah's friend Kellie joined us.
Here we are skating on frog pond.

Then we went to the North End and enjoyed a wonderful italian dinner.
We got cupcakes from DC cupcakes on Newbury street and then carried them around the city all evening.  Sadly when we got home and unwrapped them, we saw this.  ) - :
They still tasted yummy.
Sarah brought back Ivan's old border guard hat.  He loved it.  He looks very soviet like in it.
 Sarah was super happy with her gifts Christmas morning.  Here she is with her 'stash.'
 The day after Christmas, the girls headed to Kimberly's day spa in Latham NY for Mani-pedi's.

 For New Year's we headed to Vermont to enjoy some quality time with my mom and sister.  On the way to VT we stopped at Yankee Candle Village in Deerfield MA.  Believe it or not they had Santa and Mrs. Claus still there.  I made Jessa and Eric get a photo.

My mom loved her hat, scarf and Ukrainian wine gift.  She wore her hat to bed!

My brother and law went with the kids to ski on Monday, Bob and I headed off to Harpoon brewery for lunch and then King Arthur Flour bakery.

 That evening (new year's eve) the kids were pretty wiped out, so we enjoyed chinese food (take out) and then watched the Chik Fil A bowl. Eric and Jessa were so darn cute snuggling on the couch.

We were all sooo excited when Clemson came out with a WIN in the last seconds of the game.  Go Tigers!

 Lastly, when we got back home, I enjoyed some nice walks up at the golf course with the snow.  Tank loves going up there off leash in the snow.  He just runs around and gets snow EVERYWHERE.

So, that is my photo journal of my 3 weeks of Christmas Vacation.  Now I'm off to help Sarah finish packing her bags and take her to the airport.  I hope I don't cry too much saying goodbye.  We have Eric for a few more days, but then he heads back next week and the house will get really quiet again.  It was great having them home and it will also be fine getting back to the routine in the empty nest again.  Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Stop back tomorrow for some crafty pictures....

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wrapknot said...

what a wonderful holiday for you! loved seeing all the pics of the kids and your fun. (especially you and bob on ice skates ;)
see you soon...