Thursday, January 31, 2013

What kind of runner shall I be?

Hello friends,

Remember me?  I have been quite distracted this month and have not been crafting very much.  And since I usually blog about my crafts, well, I've been a little absent.

But I'm back today with a short post and a crafty project to share.

Did I make this card recently?  Well, define recently?  I made this in early January.  One of the main reasons I haven't been crafting is because I am re-locating my craft space as we have the house on the market.  Trust me, no-one wants to see my craft clutter all over the family room when they are touring our house in the open house.  So I have been sorting and purging and organizing my stuff and have set up a very small craft area in one part of the house.  I haven't finished setting up my new space but I hope to have it done this weekend.   I have a few February birthdays to get busy with.

So I've been thinking about something lately.   I have been really wondering what kind of runner I am going to be.  I have decided that I am going to be a runner.  It's just do I want to attempt to become a long distance runner?  I had heard about the Princess half marathon and had really imagined it would be cool to do that.  I mean how fun would it be to run through disney world?  And lots of people my age (and my weight) run half marathons.  Everyone has told me that if I set my mind to it and train for it I can do it.  But then lots of sane people who are really into fitness also say 'I won't ever run one of those.'

And then when I mentioned to my chiropractor that I wanted to run a half marathon he jokingly said 'well I'll be seeing you after that is done.'  Hmmmm, doctors telling me that I will need medical care after it.  Fit people saying they won't do it and then countless stories of people who say 'I used to run, until that injury after running XX miles (insert number over 10)'

So that got me thinking.  What is the real benefit of running 13.1 miles?  I get lots of benefits from running 3 miles.  I get lots of benefits of running 5 miles.  But it seems that the health benefit diminishes after you move past the 10k and get to the longer runs.  And let's face it.  I'm 50.  And until last year pretty out of shape.

What prompted me to consider this today of all days?  Well in December I started seeing a chiropractor - Dr. Wexler out of Framingham.  He is a great doctor and a great guy.  I highly recommend him.  And he told me to not run while he was making his corrections to my neck and spine.  From the x-rays it was clear that my neck was out of alignment and he said running would further empahsis the incorrect curvature and that low impact activity was fine (and encouraged) but the impact of running should stop - until my spine was back in alignment.  So last week (my 6 week mark under his treatment) he gave me the go-ahead to start running again.  Thanks a lot doc.  I was enjoying the break during the winter. The day he told me that it was 3 degrees out.    I wondered do I even want to start running again?

Then Wednesday was predicted to be in the 50's.  And Wednesday is my day off.  So I determined to go for a run on Wednesday and see how it felt.    Tank and I headed off the golf course and did a three mile treck.  It felt great, but it also hurt.  My neck and shoulder hurt while running and after.  But I felt great.  I loved the feeling of running (after I got past the first 1/4 mile.)  But after 3 miles I also loved the feeling of being done and I had to put ice on my neck to ensure I didn't get swelling.  I'll go back to Dr. Wexler tomorrow for a regular adjustment and he'll tell me if my run set me back any. 

But based on yesterdays experience I decided, yes I want to be a runner.  But no - I don't want to be a distance runner.  So instead of making plans for the princess 1/2 marathon, I'll have my eye out for some fun 5k or 5 mile races this spring and summer.

Any of you have any thoughts (or facts) about this topic?  I could still be swayed in the other direction and would love other opinions from those who have any expertise on the subject.  Dr. Wexler's opinion will play into my final leaning as well.

Well, thanks for visiting my blog today.  I hope to have another post next week.  I am hopeful that I'll be doing more crafting in February now that I have my new craft space.


Karen said...

First of all, I love your card. This stamp set has such charm and I really appreciate how the simple background lets the lovely colored image take center stage. Beautiful color combination, too.

And I think it's so cool that you like running; what a great way to get fit. (I hate running, by the way.) And you HAVE gotten fit, haven't you? And I didn't realize you turned 50 in 2012 - happy belated birthday (as pitiful as this birthday wish is... I can't believe I missed the opportunity to wish you a happy and healthy 50 more years filled with love and fun!)

I think you've gotten it figured out about the running, you know...

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Beautiful card, Linda! You always do such a nice job with this stamp and I love the lilac and green together! :D