Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Downsizing and a floral card

Hi friends,

How are you?  Are you looking forward to spring?  I am.  I'm noticing that the days are getting longer and I'm enjoying a bit more sunshine in my day.  Now I'm just looking forward to having this snow melt and seeing pockets of green start sprouting up in the yard.  Usually that happens in March so it's just a few weeks away.

Before I give you my update on the downsizing, let me show you my floral sympathy card.
This botanical set from papertrey has become my go-to stamp for sympathy cards.  It's a pretty image and the cards come together quickly.

So, on to the downsizing.  What an emotional experience this is.  You know what's most surprising about it?  I am so ashamed of the amount of stuff I have accumulated over the years.  As I organize and clean I am just so taken aback by how many things I have.  And most of the things that I have are not necessities.   And many of the things that I have are not highly used.  So many items I touch (games, puzzles, stamps, crafts, clothes, jewelry) have been used only a handful of times.   It seems quite wasteful actually and I can't believe I spent time buying these things, storing these things and managing these things.  I'm actually looking forward to freeing myself from much of this stuff.

Over the last 2 months we have cleaned every room, every drawer, every closet and purged.  But still as I go back into these spaces I still see that I have too much stuff.

So, here is the bottom line.  Our house (with the finished basement) has over 3000 square feet.  That's a big house. And we would be CRAZY to downsize into a home of a similar size.  It's just Bob and I now, we don't need that much space.  So we will probably go to a space that is 2000 square feet.  And the new space will probably have only a one car garage, no storage in the basement and no shed.  So that means that if we want the new space to be equally as 'uncluttered' as the current space, we need to get rid of an additional 1/3 of our stuff.  So as I go through our spaces I am starting to think - will I want this in our new space?  And I need to think 1 in 3 things needs to not come with us.

But it's actually more than just getting rid of things to live in a smaller space.  It's actually way bigger than that.  It's about changing my ways.  I think about how most of the rest of the world lives and I realize that I must change.   I was listening to a podcast by Andy Stanley from North Point Ministries.  He was talking about balance and how it's important for us to be financially balanced.  He was talking specifically about debt (which thankfully is not something I have an issue with) but he was talking about the situation where God may tug at your heartstrings to contribute to an awesome cause.  But if you are strapped with debt, you can't give to that cause because you owe money to your debt.  He said 'why do we not help someone in need so we can instead buy something we don't need.'  Hmmm, so, gosh darn true.   I heard that message Friday and then for the past few days I've been going through all this stuff that I've bought over the years that is sitting in a closet un-used.  Quite convicting.  How would the world be different if instead of buying these things I didn't need I had used the money to help someone in need.  Hmmmmm...  makes me think.

But, it's actually all good.   I'm not dragged down in guilt.  As we move on with this next season of life, I'm just far more aware of trying to keep things simple.  While I may regret some of my bad habits of the past (buying things I don't need) I feel good that as I move forward in this next season I won't do those same things.

So bring on the yard sale this spring.  Oh and bring on the buyer for our house!!!  The house went on the market yesterday and if you want to see how nice it looks with it all uncluttered and staged take a look at the listing from the link below.

Oh and if you have 30 minutes and want to hear a great message about financial balance, check out Andy's podcast on balance.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a great day.

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Kimberly Gajewski said...

Beautiful card, Linda! I think that I may need to borrow this set! The house looks fantastic! You and Bob did a wonderful job getting everything ready! See you tomorrow! Hugs! :D