Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rolled Roses

Good morning friends,

Happy Saturday.  Do you have any fun plans for this weekend?   It's my mom's birthday and my sister and I started a tradition many years ago of doing a 'birthday weekend get together' with her.  Every year we go away for an overnight.  It's a nice thing since we all live in different states so it's  a chance for 'just us girls' to have some nice time together.

If we get together with the families, we don't have as much connecting time because we, as woman, are busy cooking, preparing, hosting... well you get the idea.  We make it a point NOT to cook and it usually involves shopping (of some kind.)  This year we are going to Fishkill NY.  I know, it's not a very romantic destination, but it's convenient for all of us and it's nearby the Woodbury Common Outlet mall.  I'm sure we'll have fun.  It's also fun since my cousin Lin will be able to join us.  She is like a sister to me and it's fun when she is able to join us.

Is February a busy birthday month at your house?  It is for us.   In addition to my mom's birthday, it's also my step mom's birthday and my co-workers birthday.  I made this not so clean and simple card for my co-worker.  She turns 50 today.  It's funny because there are three of us at work (we all sit next to each other) and we were all born in 1963.  Avelina will be the first to cross over the 50 threshold.  I'll be next in July and Erin will follow in September.

I'm on the fence about this card.  I saw the idea on pinterest and thought it was fun how it has the die cut sentiment, the rolled roses and the banners, but now that I've made it I find it a little busy.  Maybe I'll play around with it a bit and see if I can perfect this design.  Or maybe I'll just move on to another sketch for my next card.

Oh and if you are wondering how the downsizing is going, it's going great.  The house goes up on MLS on Tuesday, we have the real estate agent promotion on Wednesday and the open house next Sunday.  We only have a few more things on the to do list.  One includes a septic inspection (that will be a hassle in February.)  Other than that it's keeping it clean and tidy and Bob needs to organize and clean up the garage.   Now that the house is on the market, our next big priority is figuring out where we'll live next.  We have changed our approach to towns.  We had originally thought we'd go to a single family house in Natick or Framingham.  Now we are thinking we may do a townhouse condo in Waltham.  We will be meeting a realtor next week to discuss our options.  Both Bob and I are excited about the idea of 'low maintenance living' in a great commuter location.   We are both praying that God will lead us in our decisions and choices.  Stay tuned for how HE answers that prayer.  Oh and yes, we are also praying that God will bring a buyer for this house.  I'm quite optimistic (maybe unrealistically so) that the market is turning and we'll sell quickly.  We are not in any hurry so it's not a big deal if it takes a bit, but once I make up my mind to do something, we'll I'm ready to get to it.  Patience is not a virtue I have mastered.

Have a great day.  Thanks for visiting my blog.

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Kimberly Gajewski said...

This is so pretty, Linda! What beautiful papers and I love the layout! I hope that you had a fun weekend with your family! :D