Friday, February 8, 2013

Sweet Peas in the blizzard

Hi friends,

What better card to make in a snow storm than a nice spring floral?  The snow has started to come down near my home outside of Boston and it is beautiful.  Right now it's just a soft falling snow and is very serene but we are expecting the snow to start coming down heavier in a few hours along with some fierce winds.  It might not be so serene in a while, but I'll enjoy the peacefulness of it now.  We are ready with firewood, food supplies and candles in case the power goes out.  hopefully the only impact our house will have with this storm is to lose the direct tv dish feed for a few hours.

The power lines are underground at our house, so we rarely lose power.  I hope all you in New England are staying warm and safe.

This card is for PTI's anniversary challenge.  The challenge is to make a card using any of the 'year of the flower' sets.  I've had this sweet pea set for a while and love to color it up and get creative with it.  It's such a pretty image.  I always seem to go with pinks on this, even though I've seen some lovely cards done in lavender as well.   Maybe next time I'll try that color scheme.

Here is a photo of my bag deck a few minutes ago.  I'll continue to take pictures of this table throughout the storm so I can keep track of how much snow we get.  Our area (near 495 and I-90) is expected to get 2 + feet.  Wow - that will be a lot of snow for one storm.  Let's see how much we actually get.


the primitive country bug said...

Your card is beautiful! Love the colors you used.
I'm in Maine and we're buttoned down safe and snug as well with a nice warm fire in the woodstove. Stay safe and well.

Jill Norwood said...

Wow! Gorgeous sweetpeas! Love them!
And the snow - wow! I am in Seattle and it is COLD today but no snow! Hope you are safe and warm while it is blizzarding!
:) Jill

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Love this image! You did such a beautiful coloring up these flowers, Linda! Love the embossing, too! Wonderfully done! :D

Karen said...

Oh, this is SO pretty... just the thing - a hint of spring to get us through this winter! I absolutely love the debossed wrought iron background, it so perfectly picks up the wavy lines of the sweet peas. Love all your subtle details...