Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Masculine Cards and 'what's new in the {empty} nest

Hi friends,
I haven't been a very active blogger and you know something..... I actually miss it.  I hope to get back into my blogging patterns later this summer after we are all settled in our new condo.

So, first, let me share a few cards I made over the last few days.  First, I'll apologize for my terrible photography.  I don't have my nice photo area set up and have taken to photographing all my cards on my table - with terrible lighting.  sorry.  the photo area will be back in business in August.  promise.

So, I"m not a huge fan of these cards.  Honestly I'm not a huge fan of masculine cards in general and these just seem 'blah' to me.  I loved these papers when I bought them but I'm struggling to find a card I love when I use them.  But they will serve the purpose.

So, let me tell you ‘what’s new in the {empty} nest.’  My, we have been busy.  We need to move out of our home on May 30th, so our first priority in getting ready was to identify all the items in our current home that wouldn’t ‘make the trip’ to the new smaller place.  As I described to my husband, our new place is 2/3rds the size of our current place, with no storage.  So basically at least 1 out of every three things we have here, can’t go with us.  I’ve also been challenging us (yes – me too) to go through the items that are in boxes in the attic, basement or closets.  I mean really, if they are in boxes and we haven’t used them in a year, do we really need them anymore?

So, the huge purge has been going full strength.  We started piling all the items into the garage and prepared for a moving sale.  Oh….  My…… Word….. what a lot of work.  What a lot of stuff….. what a busy morning we had Saturday when tons of people descended upon our driveway, yard and garage to buy our used stuff.

We had a very successful day.  It was beautiful out, we had a great turn out, we made some money (over $800.00) and best of all, when the sale was over at 1pm, there was hardly anything left over.     And we got to chat with some very nice people – some neighbors – some friends – and some strangers.  Overall it was a good day, but I’m so glad to have it behind us, and I wonder if I’ll ever have enough energy to do it again.  Sigh – did I say it was exhausting??  Well, it’s over.  Yeah!

Below is a photo collection to give you an idea of how much we had to start and what was left over.  Bob made a car run to Treasures (the thrift store that provides tuition reduction for Whitinsville Christian School) and now I just have a few things to take to Salvation Army and we are more or less done with the purging.  All that is left now is packing and moving.  That part will seem easy now that the decisions have been made and the extra stuff is gone.

 And this my friends, is all that was left at 1:00pm.    Not bad..
So what else is new in the nest?  Well, I am so excited to have Eric heading home this weekend.  I have not seen him since January – unless you count skype – which is not the same.  I am so happy that he is home in time for Mother’s Day.  Hopefully we will take some time off from our packing to enjoy a nice meal out.
Well, that’s all for now.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog today.  I should have another post this weekend with some mother’s day cards and more of an update on Eric and his summer plans.   Enjoy!

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