Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Eric's Birthday Card

Hi friends,

A quick post today to show you the card I made for Eric's 20th Birthday.  I used Papertrey Ink's 'Mighty Oak' set (die and stamp) with the PTI chartreuse patterned paper.  What a fun set with lots of possibilities - especially for those, hard to handle, masculine cards.

This year was really nice because Clemson Family Weekend fell on Eric's birthday.  Normally we don't see him on his birthday since he's back to school in August, but it was fun to actually celebrate his birthday with him.  We took him and Jessa to a nice restaurant in Greenville SC (Sobey's) and then went to the football game Saturday. 

Yup, that's us wearing our Clemson Orange (with pride.) 

Eric is doing really well.  He had a busy (but productive summer.)  He had an internship at a paper manufacturing company.   It was difficult work for him for a number of reasons but very good experience for life.  He started the time working side by side with factory workers.  Talk about a motivator to stay in school.  All the people around him encouraged him to stay in school and discussed that without an education factory work was all they could get.  He saw lots of social challenges as he worked side by side with various ages, ethnicity and personalities.

He also had the opportunity to do some factory planning and analysis.  The company was planning on a factory acquisition and Eric worked to determine how the equipment and labor would fit into the new facility.  His analysis helped the company decide that it was not an effective property for them.  Much of the equipment would need to be retrofitted to meet the new lower ceilings in the new space so his work helped the company not engage in a costly move.  At first it felt like a failure to Eric.  All his analysis 'wasted' since they wouldn't actually move the equipment and go with the plan he created, but we (and others) insisted that his work was invaluable since without that analysis they never would have known the true cost of the move and would have made a bad business decision.

He finished his internship in late July and then went to visit Sarah in Ukraine and travel with her to Germany.   That was a good trip.  They got to spend some fun time together, he got to meet his future brother in law (Ivan) and see a little bit of Europe (both Eastern and Western.)   He headed back to school in Mid-August and this year (sophomore year) he got to bring his beater car with him.  Jessa drove with them and they had a nice (but long) car ride down.  I think it was about 16 hours.  Thankfully Eric and Jessa have made the transition from high school sweethearts to a college couple.  We adore Jessa and the two of them are so good for each other.  It was a long-shot that they would make the transition but they treat each other with respect and give each other a little space and they made it work.

Here they are at the Smokin Pig.

Adorable!  Thanks for visiting today.  I hope to be back to blogging at least once a week now that our move is over and the weather is cooling off.  Have a great day!


Kimberly Gajewski said...

What a wonderful card, Linda! Love this tree die! It is perfect for masculine cards! Happy Birthday to Eric! Hope to see you soon, my friend! Miss you! Hugs! :D

Karen said...

LOVE this card! It is perfect!