Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall foliage at Beaver Brook Reservation

Hello friends,

Well, fall has arrived in New England and it's a beautiful thing.  The mornings and evenings are cool, the leaves are starting to turn and we had a fire in the fireplace last week.

Shortly after moving in this summer I discovered a little city oasis very near our home.  It's a park called Beaver Brook reservation and it's lovely, especially on a cloudy fall day.

 It is very close to our house and from this stone marker it appears it's been around for a long time.  This shows it was first opened in 1893.  Imagine how interesting the people would have been back in that day, all prancing around the park in their finest outfits!

Now, it has a paved path that goes about 1 mile.  There are lots of beautiful big old trees and lots of green spaces all around.  Dogs are allowed off leash so Tank and Joey get VERY excited to go there.  I keep them on leash because they are not yet familiar with the area and I don't want Tank to run off chasing a squirrel, never to be seen again.
 It's a city park so that means you get everyone using it.  Every time I've gone I've seen at least one person doing Tai Chi.  I also see lots of various types of people.  Of course there are lots of dog owners but also couples (young and old), mom's with baby strollers, walkers, joggers and groups.
 The park is nestled in the midst of several urban areas. As you can see from the map above it is in Waltham nestled between the Belmont/Watertown line.
At the edges of the park are busy urban roads.  Above at one of the entrances you see Trapelo Road.  Trapelo Road is a major thoroughfare through these parts.  It's really cool in New England (and I'm sure other places too) how much you can see urban and park space come together.

 In the summer the kids playground above becomes a 'splash park.'  There are lots of water sprouts that make for fun kid play areas.  On a day like today there were only a handful of kids and no water of course, just playing on the swings and playground equipment.
I enjoyed my brief respite from work and house cleaning this morning to take the dogs for an adventure.  Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Stop by this weekend for some 'world card making' creations.


val jones said...

What a beautiful dog walking area to have near your home.
New England in the fall sounds like the words of a song.
Love Val in Spain x

Kimberly Gajewski said...

This looks like a wonderful place to walk, Linda! I so love New England, especially in the Fall! :D