Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Leaves and Best Game EVAH!

Good morning bloggers,

First up is a fun fall card using Taylored Expressions Bushel and Peck stamp set.  I love this set and am having lots of fun using the different images and containers.  I'll use this card for our November party invite (again, I need to get busy making more of these!)

Well, if you read my blog regularly you know that our family went down to Gillette stadium yesterday to watch the Patriots vs. Saints game.  The Patriots were expected to lose (and lose big) so none of us had high hopes about the game.  Why?  Well several of our key players are out (injured) and last week they played horribly and the Saints are a great team having a great season.

Imagine our surprise when we walked away at the end of the game with a WIN!  It was so exciting and fun.  We go to about one game a year live and this was the best game I've ever seen live.  We were up most of the game, but it was close.  We slipped behind in the 4th quarter and then came back in the last 10 seconds of the game with an unbelievable throw and catch.

The really funny thing was that with less than 2 minutes in the game there was a turnover and the Saints got the ball back.  At that point the crowd gave up and at least 1/2 the stands emptied to the parking lot.  Those of us who remained faithful were richly rewarded!  Below is a photo of the people pouring out of the stadium.  Silly people!  It's the Patriots - they have a history of pulling off 4th quarter, last minute WINS!
So for those of you that know my dear husband Bob, we all had a good laugh at him during the game. He is known for being very dramatic, with his expressions, gestures and words.  Well the guy sitting next to him was about 300 pounds and let's see how shall I say this nicely well, he was full of gas, that he had no problem expressing all night long.  Poor Bob, all night long, kept looking over at me, making a scrunched up face, plugging his nose, waving the air around him and making comments about this guys farting.  You should have heard him when the guy came back to the stands with a HUGE bucket of popcorn (he ate it all himself) and a beer.  Bob said 'at least it wasn't onion rings!' Oh my, poor Bob's nostrils were in agony.  At least the guy didn't get stinkin drunk and spill beer all over us (that happened at last years games.)  It's all part of the environment.  Stick that many sports loving people together in a crowded space and don't expect good air quality!  Bob tried (on more than one occasion) to get me to switch seats with him.  Sorry buddy, you had seat # 18! As you can imagine he survived!
And then imagine our delight when we woke up this morning to discover that our beloved Red Sox pulled off a win too!  It was a great night in New England for sports fans.

Well, thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy your day!


wandaguess said...

Hi Linda! Great photos from the game and a GREAT card!!! Hope you're having a good week! XOXO

Greta said...

Cute invitation! What a fun day--glad you got a win--always makes going to a game so much better!