Sunday, October 27, 2013

Taylored Expression Fall Fun Card & getting ready for our house warming party...

Hi friends,

We have had a beautiful October here in New England.  We've had mostly sunny days with cool temperatures in the mornings and evenings and warm sunshine during the afternoon.  This past week it got close to freezing but my flowers are still alive so we have yet to have a killing frost yet.

So I've been inspired to keep using my Taylored Expressions stamp set 'Bushel and Peck' to make cards reflective of the fall beauty.

I wanted to create a clean and simple image where the pumpkins were sitting inside a pile of leaves so I used a masking technique to achieve this.  It's so easy.  I stamped the pumpkin image on the cream card stock, then stamped the pumpkin image again on a post it note pad.  Then I cut the edges of the pumpkin image from the post it note and adhered it (temporarily) on top of the cream cardstock over the pumpkin image.  Then I stamped the leaves right on top of the post it image, removed the post it image and voila, a clean line of pumpkins sitting in fallen leaves.

This will another one of the designs for our November party.

And we've been busy getting ready for the party.  I'm hesitating to call it a house warming party, mostly because I don't want anyone to feel obligated to bring a gift and also because we moved in in July and we are only having people over in November.  But regardless of what we call it, it will be party to welcome family and friends to visit with us in our new home.

I wanted to wait to have the party until we had finished the bulk of our initial decorating projects.  I don't think anyone would ever be invited over if I waited for all the decorating projects to be completed.

Last week was big in finishing things up.  First, the roman shades arrived and they look beautiful. Second, Bob hung up the new light fixture, shelves and hanging vases in the master bedroom and third our painter came Saturday to paint the living room.  Now that the paint is done, Bob can hang the window treatments and that is pretty much the last 'initial' decorating project I wanted to finish.

Do you stress about paint colors?  I sure do.  In my last house I hired a decorator and completely trusted their advise on which colors to use, but I didn't want to incur the expense here so I used a combination of Pinterest, Houzz, paint chips and opinions of friends to choose the color.  We finally agreed to go with Benjamin Moore Great Plains Gold #1077.  I am really happy with the results.  We originally were considering Alexandria Beige HC-77 but after careful consideration chose to go with the slightly lighter, slightly warmer tones of the great plains gold color.
Benjamin Moore Great Plains Gold 1077
Want to see it on the walls?  Of course you do.

Below is a picture with the old color.  Can you see the difference?  The old color was a very light gray.  It's very pretty and looked fine in the room, but now that I look at the new color I love how it's a little more dramatic of a difference between the white trim and I love how it complements the wood in the floors and furniture.
I'll post more 'before' and 'after' shots after the window treatments go up.  I'm excited to see how it looks when it's all done.  Now if only I could find the perfect picture to go on the wall in the dining area.  Bob and I both want a pretty floral (maybe sunflowers or poppies) but have yet to find one that is 'just right' so we'll hold out.  It may take us years to find it, but I'm sure we'll know 'it's the one' when we find it.  We saw an artist this summer who had several gorgeous oils of sunflowers but we hadn't moved in yet and had no idea what art we would want so we didn't buy it.  Maybe we'll go back to that festival next summer.  You are probably wondering 'well, did you get her card.'  Sigh.  Yes, I did, but somehow in the craziness of the move, I can't find it.  I'm sure it will be fine to have a patch of wall with no picture for quite a while.  It will be fun to poke our heads into home-goods and art galleries periodically to see if they have one we like or go to the festival next summer and find our sunflower artist then.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today.  Have a great day and Go Patriots! Go Sox!

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Karen said...

What a pretty card - clean and simple, yes, but it's got everything!

Your home looks so inviting, and the color you chose is warm and rich. I bet your decorating is gorgeous, and even though it may be far from finished, I'm guessing your home is just as put together as you are! Can't wait to see it!