Saturday, October 5, 2013

Two more world card making day cards

Hi friends,

This morning I posted my first world card making day card and then Bob and I headed into Boston to look at fabric for the Roman Shades I want to get for the windows.  We had planned to go into Boston mid-day and then visit a local community farm event.   Well, after our adventures in Boston, Bob was in no mood to head back out. You see we 'luckily' found street parking about a 15 minute walk away so we grabbed it.  Bob paid the 2 hour meter fee and we were off to our shop.  Of course it always takes forever, we were confirming measurements, choosing fabrics, comparing colors.  We realized we had been in the store for over an hour and hadn't eaten.  Bob knew the meter would expire at 1:00 but at 12:30 we thought we had enough time for a quick bite and the walk back.  Bob was like 'even if we go over a minute or two, they probably aren't monitoring that closely' and we grabbed a bite at Finagle a bagel.  I headed into a clothing store with the plan that Bob would walk to the car and drive back to get me in about 20 minutes.  Well, you know where this story is going don't you?  The time on the meter receipt said '1:06.'  Bob arrived at 1:09 and the meter maid was at the car two down from us. The time on the ticket was '1:08.'  Needless to say Bob was FUMING.  He went over to the meter maid and questioned her.  Of course there was no mercy!!!  Thankfully it wasn't too ridiculous a fee ($25.00) but talk about frustrating!!  Bob said his watch said 1:07, so we're thinking the meter maid's time keeping system was to her advantage.  Reminds me of Vega's odds, always in their favor.

So it was a quiet ride home as Bob recovered from his frustration.  He said he just wanted to work on his project and watch football so I figured it was a great afternoon to head upstairs to the craft room.

First up is a fall themed birthday card.  In this tic tac toe challenge I picked scallops, ribbon and buttons!

Next up is a fun thanksgiving themed card using ribbon, polka dots and twine.

Oh and in case you are wondering, yes we did pick out our window treatments.  I ordered a beautiful cotton/linen blend herringbone fabric in the tulip roman shade style for all 6 of our windows on the first floor.  We'll keep the cellular blinds underneath and the herringbone shades will go 'on top' to offer style and insulation in the winter.  I hope they look as beautiful hanging as I hope they do.

I'll post pictures when they arrive in a few weeks and Bob assembles them.

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Have a great day.


Kimberly Gajewski said...

These are absolutely wonderful, Linda! I love, love, love the birthday card! Beautiful layout! Sorry about your day...poor Bob! :D

wrapknot said...

great cards linda. i love having you back in your craft room and blogging again.
those marriage builders sneak up on us all the time. i had ellery helping me park cars at the festival, in the pouring rain and then the mud. he was such a trooper and still tells me he had a good time. go figure.
the blind story will soon (not tooooo soon ) become a chuckle.