Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas cards

Hi friends,

Today is my first post with Christmas cards.  I know, I am sooo late this year.  I was able to head into the craft room for most of the afternoon yesterday.  At first I was stumped: So many option, which direction should I go?  So I started with the idea to make 'the kids'  cards.  Now 'the kids' in our family are age 16-24, so they are youthful cards but not too cutesy.

I was in search of a sketch and found Karen Giron's, sweet Sunday sketch and got busy.  I actually made several cards using this sketch and over the next days/weeks, I will post them here but for now I'll share one of my favorite creations from yesterday.

This is a great sketch and Karen is showcasing many beautiful creations on her blog.

Karen's blog

Below is a view of the sketch.... get used to this because I made LOTS of cards using this template.

Oh and if you are wondering how Joey the invalid dog is doing, he is doing just fine. He clearly doesn't understand the doctors instructions about bed rest.  Yesterday while I was crafting on the 3rd floor I hear a sound in the stairwell.  Sure enough, he had broken through the make-shift barrier and hiked his injured self up the three flights of stairs.  He looked pretty uncomfortable once he got there and to ensure he gets the rest he needs,  we went to Target and got a secure baby gate to restrict him more completely.  He seems to have gained his mobility back for sure, now we just have to restrict him to ensure he heals.

Thanks for visiting, have a great day.

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