Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas in the city

Hi friends,

When I saw Dawn McVey's card using Papertrey Ink's City Christmas stamps and dies, I fell in love.  I shamelessly copied her design for my christmas card this year and only changed the colors and removed a few elements.  With everything going on this year for Christmas and given that I'm starting so late, I figured I didn't have time to play around with a design so I hit the easy button.

Isn't this card darling?

I love it and think it's perfect to celebrate our first christmas living in the city.   So above is my version of the card.  Below is Dawn's.  As you can see they are VERY similar, of course Dawn's is perfect in every way and mine has all the lovely elements of handmade with love.   Thanks for the inspiration Dawn.

And speaking of city living, I realized I never updated my blog with pictures of the condo now that the window treatments are up and the paint on the wall.  Want to see?  

One thing I love about the condo is how the light comes in from the windows.  Oh and I love the gas fireplace.  I just hit the on button and instant heat and fire!  I do miss a roaring wood fire, but given the size of the space, this is perfect.

Above is a close-up of the window treatments.  These are roman shades that go up and down.  We tend to leave them in the same position.
Tank loves to 'perch' on top of the couch with a good view of the whole room (and all the windows.)

These wood stairs are gorgeous, but can be a little slippery (reference the previous blog entry about Joey falling down the stairs.)  I may have to get something on the steps to prevent future injuries.

Joey loves to sit in the sun. Can you blame him?

We are so glad we kept the wood dining table.  There was a bit of debate over which table we would keep from the old house. I love the wood and having the 'big' table in the room.
Tank loves sitting in the sun also.
We love it.  We are getting more comfortable every day and it really feels like home now.  Soon chaos will reign as my two adult children come to live with us for a month - plus my new son-in-law, but it's 2,200 square feet with three bedrooms so hopefully we'll all fit.

Thanks for visiting today.  Stop back later this week for some other Christmas cards and starting December 1st, I hope to do my 12 blogs of Christmas theme (a blog every other day about some conversation topic related to Christmas.)

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