Monday, November 25, 2013


Hi friends,

I have awesome news to share with you.  My future son in law had his interview with the U.S. Embassy in Kiev ukraine today and his fiance visa was approved.  We are all so excited!!

We can't wait to have them arrive in the US in a few weeks to begin their american life together. Who knew that when we sent one child off 2 years ago, we would have 2 children return? We are so excited to welcome a son into our family. And actually, who knew? well I knew.. kind of. Like all good government organizations, the peace corps has lots of propeganda, literature for would be peace corps volunteers and their families. Do you know the one thing I read in that information that stuck with me more than anything else? The statistic they published that said '85% of peace corps volunteers meet the person they will marry during their peace corps service.' So, I can't say I'm totatally surprised to see Sarah return with a fiance.

So what's next? Well, Ivan will receive the visa from a special courier, hopefully within a week. Then he'll have to pack all his belongings to fit in 2 suitcases (weighing less than 50 pounds each), say goodbye to his brothers, mother and friends and board a flight (with his sweetheart) to NYC. There I'll greet them both and drive them to their new home (our darling condo.) Hopefully he will survive the culture shock of American Christmas and find work quickly. They will go through some pre-marital counseling at church and then have their first wedding in January. I say 'their first wedding' because they will have two weddings. The first will be teeny-tiny - just Bob and I, the pastor and them. This will marry them and satisfy the legal requirement to wed within 90 days of arriving in the US. It will also enable them to have marital relations in our home! The second wedding will be the white dress event in early June. Like many before them, they'll have two special anniversary dates to commenorate.

So, all of us are very, very relieved that this critical step in the process is behind us. You can imagine how anxious Sarah and Ivan were for this interview. There was nothing that SHOULD have caused an issue, but we all know how it can go.... something unforeseen... some little detail or glitch that hadn't been anticipated, suddenly crops up at the last minute and everything is put on hold. We all worked very hard to check/double check and review all the documents to ensure it was complete and accurate to avoid any unnecessary delays. The only thing I can relate it to is taking a drivers test. you can be an awesome driver, but sometimes something goes wrong during the test and if one thing is done wrong - the test is failed and you are back in line, waiting... waiting..... So check back in with me in 3 weeks for a blog post about their arrival. I'm sure I'll have photos from JFK airport of two tired young people ready for their new life together!

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wrapknot said...

contratulations! the suspense (and anxiety) of working with two governemts must have been huge. we're looking forward to meeting the newlyweds.