Monday, December 2, 2013

12 Blogs of christmas #1 - Is Christmas in America about Christ?

Hi friends,

For the month of December I intend to blog every other day on a different topic related to Christmas. I figure everything, everywhere you go is Christmas so why not blog about it too!

So at the start of every one of the 12 blogs of Christmas I will showcase a Christmas Craft. Today's craft is a card!

The card I'm showing you today is a simple design using a classic DeNami image.  It's so fun how much extra just a little glitter on a leaf and berry stamp can make.  I love this and it was super easy to make.

So today's blog post is about Christ in Christmas.  I know lots of Christians who spend a lot of time talking about how disappointed they are in the way America celebrates Christmas, but I'm not one to do that at all. I love American Christmas.  Now, I'm not saying I love everything about American Christmas but the whole package, everything that goes with it - overall - it's a big, big positive for me.

I say that with my faith intact and secure.  Am I ignorant to the fact that many Americans who celebrate Christmas don't know anything about the roots of the holiday or it's meaning?  Of course not.  But I embrace the holiday and the way my fellow Americans choose to celebrate it and I love that for an entire month (for some - way longer) my God is at least at the root of most of the things going on around me.

Let's just talk about Santa for a minute.  Some Christians are very 'anti-Santa.'  Okay, I respect that.  I can see many reasons why a Christian would have misgivings about the big guy, but as for me, I love Santa and what he represents.  Santa is based on Saint Nicholas.  He was a devout Christian who chose to show Christ's love for mankind by providing gifts for children.  That's a good thing.  We always talked about and welcomed Santa in our home and it was a real joy to do so.

Another thing I love about American Christmas is the fact that Christmas Music is played EVERYWHERE; the mall, the skating rink, the grocery store, the radio.  And a good chunk of those songs are about worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ.  I love walking in the grocery store humming classics like 'O Holy Night' or 'Go tell it on the Mountain.'  I also don't mind at all when 'Rocking around the Christmas Tree' comes along.  It's not a christian based song but I listen to country music and the Zac Brown Band singing about Fried Chicken isn't about Christ either, but I listen to that.

So do I think that American's leave Christ out of Christmas?  Well no more than American's leave Christ out of their lives in general.  If you aren't a follower of Christ, how could you, and why would you put Christ in Christmas?  It's really only something you would do if you know the wonderful forgiveness that He offers.  It's only something you would marvel at if you believed that God sent his son into earth to dwell among man and to bring hope to all mankind. Now since I know and believe that, Christ is the center of my Christmas and Christ is the center of every day of my life.  The only reason I'm concerned that American's don't include Christ in their Christmas is because I love Americans and truly desire for them to know the wonderful and life-changing effects of being known by God and being loved by God. I pray that every American can know God the way I do and be blessed in that relationship.  Until that happens, I don't fault them for celebrating American Christmas however they want.

So, how about you?  How do you celebrate Christmas?  Do you love the winter themes that come with it?  Do you focus on the family gatherings that come with it?  Are you like me and marvel at the wonder of a loving God who so loved you (and me) that he would come to be Immanuel - God with us?  However you celebrate I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmastime!

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