Friday, December 6, 2013

12 Blogs of Christmas Blog # 3 - Home for the Holidays.

Hi friends,

Before I get to my Christmas blog topic today, let me share another Christmas craft creation with you. This is a fun little creation I made with some scraps.  I have to remember to keep my scraps and save them for another project.  So often (like with this card) it makes the card come together in a jiffy and it's a great use of products that would otherwise wind up in the trash!

Today's blog topic is Christmas -  Home for the holidays.  When you think of Christmas, do you think of home? What is home to you?  Even though this seems very straightforward, this is a difficult and complex question. When you are a child, the answer to this is very simple.  Home is where you live, it is the place you slept last night and it is the place where your toys are and your family.  Even if you've only lived in your place for a few months, to a child, home is where you are now.

When you are not a child anymore, home can be something very different.  For instance for my son Eric, it is not obvious to me where he considers 'home' to be.  It's not Clemson, that is where he lives 9 months of the year while in college, but he may not yet consider our condo in Waltham to be home.  More likely when he thinks of home, he thinks of the house we just left in Northbridge MA where he lived for the last 5 years of his life, where his friends are.  For my daughter Sarah, it is also not clear.  Home is not Ukraine, where she has lived for 27 months.  But home is probably not our condo in Waltham either.  She hasn't even seen the condo, although she'll live there with us for a time until she and Ivan are able to get their own place.

And many people don't spend Christmas at home, when their jobs or other responsibilities pulled them away from the town they lived in when they were growing up or away from their loved ones.  For many people, the idea of spending Christmas home would mean a lonely Christmas since everyone they love is somewhere else.

So I think of the thought of 'Home for Christmas', to me it is much more about 'with loved ones for Christmas.'  How about you?  What does Home for the Holidays mean to you and when do you feel most at home?

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