Sunday, January 12, 2014

Garden full of buttons!

Hi friends,

Today's card features a garden full of button blossoms.  Isn't this darling?  I love how cheerful and fun it is. It's super easy to make but putting twine on each button is time consuming.  I'm a little obsessive about closing the buttons up.  I think it looks 'undone' when the button is naked so I tied off all 18 of these tiny pink buttons before adhering them on top of the leaf stems.

So, I've really missed blogging.  The second half of December really got away from me.  It was all good stuff, but I just didn't have any free time so card making and blogging got put on the back burner.  But I was surprised at how much I missed it.  It just reminds me how much I value expressing my creative side.  I hope to blog regularly in 2014.  I hope you continue to follow me and enjoy my weekly craftiness and ramblings. You know I love your comments so please periodically take a minute and write a note about a post that you like!  I really appreciate your comments back.

Life in 2014 is starting out full and fun.  We went wedding dress shopping for the June wedding on Friday January 3rd and Sarah said 'yes to the dress.'  She got a gorgeous silk taffeta sweetheart neck gown for the June beach wedding.  It was really fun picking it out with her and there was no drama like the TV shows (at least not for us.)

Sarah and Ivan had their first wedding on Monday January 6th.  Eric headed back to campus on Tuesday the 7th and this past week (and weekend) it's been all about establishing a new routine with the newlyweds living in the third floor bedroom of our house.  So far, it's all good.  Bob and I are trying really hard to offer them a bit of privacy and they seem to appreciate it, but often they are hanging with us in the main floor (which is nice.)

Below are pictures of the first wedding.  It was a 10 minute deal (do you Sarah, do you Ivan....) and it was very nice.  We are friends with the senior pastor at our church and asked him to do the simple ceremony at a convenient time for his schedule and he agreed.  Normally one of the associate pastor's does the wedding but Mike was the youth pastor when Sarah was in Jr/Sr high and she knows him so it was super nice that he did that as a favor to our family.  Sarah and Ivan went through 2 pre-marital counseling sessions with the pastor of spiritual growth.  They have 2 maybe 3 more sessions to go through before the June wedding. They are enjoying the time exploring how to have a successful marriage and enjoy getting to know Pastor Dorian in the process.

Life has a way of being sad and sweet all at the same time.  The chapel in the church was filled with beautiful flowers - not because we purchased any but because one of Bob's friend's, Dana had passed away the week before and the flowers from the funeral were still in the chapel when we were there on Monday.  I'm sure Dana would be glad to know that flowers his friends and family gave for his service were able to make a beautiful background for Sarah and Ivan's new life together.

We went to Paparazzi's for dinner afterwards (surprisingly very few nice restaurants are open on Monday evenings) and Sarah saved the cork from the wine as a momento.  Very sweet.

And below are photo's of the newlywed suite.  I'm glad to see Sarah decorating it and arranging it as 'their own' space.  No surprise that the book lovers have books EVERYWHERE already!

Want to know what the biggest surprise of the entire homecoming was for me?  It was my sweet little doggie Tank.  Prior to Sarah and Ivan arriving in the U.S., Tank was a total  momma's boy.  He only wanted to sit with me, followed me around everywhere and was despondent when I left the house.  The moment Sarah got into the house, he was all about her.  He jumped on her, wagged his tail and followed her around.  Then he discovered that Ivan likes to throw the ball for him.  So he then became Ivan's best friend.  He is sooo happy.   Sadly if both Sarah and I call him, he goes to her. )-:  I was heartbroken the first time this happened. It reminded me of dropping Sarah and Eric off at daycare and within moments they were playing and having fun and didn't even notice mommy was gone.  I guess my baby doggy is growing up and it's all good.  But I do like to pick on Tank and tell him that he doesn't love me anymore.  Joey, on the other hand is still a huge momma's boy.  Maybe because he has a hard time going up three flights of stairs and he could give a hoot about chasing a ball.  I'm still the one that feeds them and Joey is all about meal-time.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog today.  I'll have another post later this week.  Make it a great day.


Karen said...

love your card looks like spring!

Greta said...

Such an adorable button card--love it! Fun family times--thanks for sharing the pictures. We used to go opposite directions & both call our puppy dog & he always chose hubby, but kept looking at me wanting me to follow!

wrapknot said...

the card is awesome.... i completely agree that it needs the twine to finish the button.
we all enjoyed meeting ivan, and seeing how happy sarah is with her next step in life!

Karen said...

I absolutely love this card - it's got such pizzazz!

I'm so happy for Sarah and Ivan and wish them a wonderful life together. They're lucky to be able to camp out with you and Bob while they prepare for their future. I pray for peace and compatibility in your home!