Friday, February 14, 2014

Life is Sweet

Hi friends,

Today's post is for PTI's anniversary challenge.  Today's challenge is to make a card with a beautiful envelope.  I am terrible about decorating envelopes.  I know how to do it.  I have the tools to do it, but I usually skip this step and just toss my card in an naked envelope and send it on it's way.

But today for the challenge I decided to do it up.

My card today features two neglected stamp sets.  The Sweet Life is a great floral set with matching dies and two/three step stamping options.  It's really beautiful and I should take it out more often to play.  The second set is All Booked Up.  This too is a great set, but not as versatile as others.

I felt compelled to use All Booked Up today because we had GREAT news in our home this morning.  My daughter Sarah is looking for work now that her Peace Corps assignment is done.  She heard back today about a job she is REALLY interested in.  It's a start up company in Cambridge that is for multi-lingual eBooks.  If you know my daughter, you will realize that this is RIGHT UP HER ALLEY.  She heard back from the CEO and has an interview on Monday Feb 24th.   Can you believe the job was posted on Craig's List?  Sarah says many of her Millennial friends find work on Craig's List.  Who knew?

Craig's List Job Post

Oh and don't you dare apply for this job.  If Sarah gets the job, she can refer you but don't take her opportunity!!!!!

Anyway, it seemed quite fitting that I would make a card today with a book on a reading theme.

For this card I decided to 'be smart.'  PTI announced a challenge on the first day of the anniversary celebration that allows us to enter multiple cards to win.  Well, silly me, all this week I've been making PTI cards completely forgetting that I can 'double dip' in the contests.  If I use the sketch and color recipes, my creation can count towards the new daily challenge contest AND the first day sketch/color challenge.  So today I decided to make the challenge card (fancy envelope) with the sketch color challenge.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a great day.


uncbballfan said...

Linda, gorgeous card! I love how you incorporated all those colors. And I'm sending out good vibes for your daughter!

(Linda E - uncbballfan - from the PTI forum)

the primitive country bug said...

Your card and envelope set are gorgeous!!

Karen said...

What a lovely and unique card. Love the way you cropped the circle and accented the edge with the colors, and I'm amazed that all those colors work together without being too busy.