Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trendy Tree tops - Stripe challenge

Hi friends,

Yup, me again with another Papertrey Ink contest entry.  The anniversary celebrations end on Saturday Feb 15th so only a few more days with daily (or more) posts.

So, today's challenge was to use stripes in our card.  Staying with the fast and easy method for work day creations I grabbed Trendy Tree Tops for this card.

Wish me luck in the drawing.  Oh and in case you were wondering, yes I did buy the blue dress I showed in an older blog post.  Ivan drove Sarah, Bob and I all over creation Saturday to 3 different dress shops, only to have me buy the first dress I saw back in early January.  That reminds me of a story of when I was a kid and I made my parents take me to Baskin Robbins for Ice Cream instead of the little ice cream stand near our house.  After looking at all the flavors (for a lonngggg time) guess what flavor ice cream cone I got?  Yup - vanilla.

Here is a picture of the model wearing my dress.  Yup, once I have it altered, it will look just like this on me!  Ha, and how old was this mother when she had her daughter who is getting married (12?)  I think mother of the bride models should be at LEAST 45 years old.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Stop by tomorrow for blog post 3 about being a Peace Corps mom!  (the story continues.)


wrapknot said...

love the dress.... is it the same one you had pictures of at family christmas? two of us have our attire for the event, and i may be stitching the third outfit. i've just got the sewing machine back from a tune-up, so i'll be making a 'test dress'. keep your fingers crossed i get it right!

Aaron clay said...

she is looking fabulous in blue dress.

Karen said...

Those embossed stripes really add a huge amount of interest to the card. Never considered using this type of element before; very nice!

And I know you'll be even more beautiful than that model in your new dress - don't forget the impact of inner beauty!!