Friday, February 28, 2014

Wedding Invitations - first mock-up idea

Hi friends,

Today I have three things to share with you.  First, we are working on the design for Sarah's wedding invitations.  I know these need to go out in March and no I haven't even come up with a first idea, but we are still thinking we'll make them ourselves.

I told Sarah I would show her three different designs and she could choose her favorite (or choose none) and then we could tweak the design of her favorite and then get busy.

 Her colors are coral, green and grey and I made this using the colors.  My other drafts will be more cream/white options (without as much color in them.)  It's hard to get the flavor of the card from the photo because of the vellum layer on top, but it is very elegant and pretty and may work.

So the second thing I have to share with you is that after all those posts for Papertrey Ink's anniversary celebration - I WAS A WINNER!  Yes, on the last day, I was the last selected winner and I received a $70.00 gift certificate.  I was very happy.  I was even happier when the mailman brought this big giant box of supplies to my front door.

The ironic thing is that with all my creations, I actually won my prize by leaving a short comment on one of the blogs.  All entries counted and I'm just happy I was a winner!

And the third thing I have to tell you is a very funny story about something that happened to me on my way to work the other day. So it's a normal, everyday Wednesday and I left my house around 8:00 for my 30 minute drive.  I am cruising along 128/95 south in the middle lane when a driver next to me on the right starts to try to get my attention.  Well traffic is thick and we are all going 65 miles an hour so I saw a brief indication that the driver was trying to get my attention but I couldn't tell anything else.  I start paying attention to my car and begin to wonder - is my gas cap off?  Is there something hanging out the trunk?  Did I leave a cup of coffee on the roof?  And then the same driver (in a red Toyota Corolla) is near me again, again trying hard to get my attention.

So as I'm wondering what to do, I notice a truck turn-out lane just ahead.  Now this isn't even the same as a rest stop.  It's basically an extended and widened breakdown lane right on the side of the highway, but I sense it's a safe place to pull over and I decide better safe than sorry, so I pull out into this truck turnout lane.  I get out of the car and start looking around and the red toyota corolla pulls up behind me.  I'm thinking - hmmm, this is weird.   The middle age, balding, very ordinary looking man gets out and with a big grin on his face approaches me and says 'hey I saw you and you looked like a lot of fun, so I wanted to meet you.'  Bahahahaha... Some guy is trying to pick me up on the HIGHWAY!  I smile and shake his hand and start walking back to my car saying 'sorry, I'm married.'  He yells at me as my back is to him 'so am I, I was hoping you wanted to fool around.'  I laugh out loud, get into my car and still snickering drive away.  Can you believe it?  Some horny middle-aged guy was wanted to get some booty during the morning commute.  I got to work still laughing and told my co-workers.  We all roared with laughter thinking of this sad man.  Did he think that I would give him my number and we would make plans for a rendezvous on the weekend?  Did he think I would have said, let's check out the motel 6 on route 1 in Westwood and be late for work?  Did he think I'd jump in the back of his toyota corolla in 28 degree weather on Rte 128 for a backseat fling?

My co-workers and I figured he MUST have been successful at this attempt before and must have had success.  Either that or he had a thought in his head and decided to act on it.  Everyone asked me, what were you doing in your car?  If only!  I was driving, in my beige wool car jacket, maybe humming along with the radio in my filthy dirty, Mazda 3 heading to work.  It's not like I was rocking out or wearing some provocative outfit.  It wasn't even that I made eye contact with him or had some crazy bumper sticker that would advertise my fun ness.

One person asked if I was at all scared and cautioned that she would never get out of her car if another car was nearby, but it didn't seem like a risk at all.  I mean I know I could have been at risk, but in hindsight I think about it and I was no more at risk in the truck turn out lane on 128 south than I am in my work out world parking lot or walking the dogs on my street.  It was 8:15am, bright daylight, open air and thousands of cars driving by me.

It just seemed hysterically funny to me that someone would try to get my attention in the car to meet me because 'he thought I looked fun!'  Bahahahaha...  Have you ever heard of this new way to meet middle age women to start an affair with?  Afterward I thought I should have told him to go on-line like every other guy wanting some fun does.  At least on-line he'll find people willing!

So that was the highlight of my week.  Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Make it a great one!

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Karen said...

I'm glad you were amused by the attempted pick-up, but it freaked me out a little that you shook his hand... a little too trusting, maybe? Anyway, all's well that ends well and it surely makes for a funny story.

I love your invitation design, especially with the vellum. I know that whatever you come up with, Sarah will be lucky to have a beautiful, personalized wedding invitation.

And congratulations on your PTI win - too cool!