Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wedding Invitations

Well, we are less than 2 months till wedding day and we finalized the design for the invitations and the bridesmaids came over to assemble them all last weekend.   Do you want to see?

We went with a simple beach theme.  Sarah had seen some nice lace accented cards on  pinterest and then we saw this 'holey' lace at AC Moore.  We found a strand of shell necklaces there too and the idea was born.  I did not plan too well for this and half way through making our 50 invitations we ran out of Kraft card stock and about 2/3rds of the way through we ran out of lace, but in classic crafting style we just improvised and made a new design.

The maids did a great job.  One girl was a self declared 'crafty type' but the other two were craft shy. We put everyone to work, the non-crafty girls were fine to tape lace and glue shells.  Myself and the crafty girl were busy cutting and tying.  In 2 1/2 hours (with a lot of talking mixed in) we finished and the girls started drinking Sangria and preparing stir-fry for dinner.  Bob and I headed out for pizza to let them have some time by themselves and over-all it was a great success.

Now, Sarah has to quickly decide on her final meal choices - the response cards will include the 3 options and I'll get them in the mail, hopefully by Saturday.

The wedding plans are proceeding, at a stop-start pace.  We seem to make great progress on a few things and then go cold for a while.  This week was quite productive.  We found a hair salon that we'll go to for Sarah's up-do and bridal make-up.  We also got started on a quote for the beer, wine and alcohol.  We'll do two speciality cocktails - a his drink and a her drink.   His drink was easy - Gin and Tonic (perfect for summer) and Sarah's still debating on her drink.  Maybe a sangria, maybe a pink colored drink, I recommended mimosa's or cosmo's.  She'll have some fun sampling a few options before making her final decision.  We also found a rental company for the chairs and outdoor sound system.  We only have the capacity to bring about 25 chairs onto the beach so we'll need to alert the guests (and bring blankets) for the rest of the crowd.  The ceremony will be under 30 minutes so we'll figure something out.

The bridesmaids dresses are in progress, we have an appt to talk to the florist and Ivan found another groomsman so everything is starting to come together, but there is still lots to do in the next 8 weeks.

Thanks for visiting my blog today and have a GREAT day.

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Karen said...

Lovely invitation and invitation-makers.

Best of luck getting it all ready!