Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life in the not so empty nest....

Hi all,

I feel like my life is a lot like the weather in New England - it changes - overnight!  A few short months ago, Bob and I were acclimating into our new downsized life as empty nesters.  Now our nest is overflowing with lots of people and activities swirling around.  This may sound strange, but in some ways I miss the peace and quiet, but I'm trying my best to not be overwhelmed and enjoy the joys affiliated with a full house.

So what is going on in our little condo?  Well, a lot actually.  The biggest swirl of activity is the wedding preparation.  We are only 10 days away from Sarah and Ivan's beach wedding and frankly there is still a whole lot of things that still need to be done.  Can you believe that we haven't even called in the order with the liquor store for the beer and wine?  Sarah and Ivan are also still working on the ceremony including music, readings and vows.  Oh and there are quite a few crafty things that are still only 10% complete.  But hopefully the most important things will get done and the wedding will happen.    Sarah and I are still on speaking terms and there have only been a few 'raised voices' conversations.  It's funny, when we get going on the 'to do list' Bob and Ivan melt into the walls and try to become invisible.  I try to not be a mean task master but I also try to communicate with Sarah that 10 days before the wedding is not a great time to get 'a new idea' that involves 'do it yourself!'  My blood pressure goes through the roof when Sarah gets on pinterest and says 'hey, why don't we....'  But it's really all good.  We haven't had any tears or screaming matches.  We are also not over budget and if some of the 'to be done's' don't get done, it probably won't ruin the wedding.

So, want to see what we've been working on?  Below is the 'in process' work on the centerpieces.  Sarah and Ivan love reading so they decided to go with a vintage book theme.  Sarah is still working on adding burlap and lace to the mason jars and the 'numbers' have been painted and sanded.....

Doesn't the above picture remind you of 'chick-a-chicka-boom-boom?'  This was a children's book where the letters of the alphabet were tumbling over each other.

So what is else is 'in process?'  Well the outfits of course.  Sarah is making the girls satin sashes and foot jewelry.  Sadly, neither Sarah or I are experienced sewers and I have a super basic sewing machine, but hopefully tonight we will have success finishing these.

And the foot jewelry?  Well, what a great idea for a 'feet in the sand' ceremony.  Sarah has been making jewelry for several years so she has the skills.  The only challenge is it takes about 1 1/2 hours to make 'each' piece and with two feet per girl... well, we have some work to do...  Having a glass a wine handy, helps make it not be overwhelming!

The other 'in process' things are finding a place to have 'the first look.' For those who don't know about this new tradition, it is becoming quite popular these days to have the groom at a beautiful location - a bit before the wedding - where he will get his 'first look' at his bride at a private - intimate location and not as she first walks down the aisle.  Bob, Eric and I headed to Gloucester this past weekend to pick up the taffy and get some photo's/videos of the wedding site.  while there, we found this beautiful spot that we showed Sarah and Ivan.  We thought the hill-top location with the view of the ocean would be a nice place for their first look.  They can check it out when they get to the beach house Friday but we thought it would be one of several great locations.

and what is 'finished?'  Well, Monday night, we put the whole family to work making the favors.  We had picked up the taffy on Sunday and everyone got busy filling the netting with the taffy, tying the bow and adding the note.

Sarah checked each and every favor for quality control.  Luckily none of the labor got fired!

So, lot's going on....  all good, but phew, lots still to do!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Make it a great day.

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Karen said...

Oh, Linda, I've been wondering how preparations are coming... I have imagined how busy you must be. Glad to know that tempers are not flaring... but you never know, so here's a hug in advance.

Looks like you have everything under control! And it looks like all the details are really lovely and unique. Nice to see everyone pitching in to help.

Wishing you all peace and happiness as Sarah's big day approaches.