Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A beautiful bride on a beautiful day

Hi friends,

Just a quick post on our fabulous day Saturday at my daughters wedding.  Oh my word, it was wonderful in every way and I can't believe the time went by soo fast.

I'll have more to say in the weeks to come but for today I'll just say this.

The weather was gorgeous, the kind of days that happen in New England only about 10 times per year; dry, sunny, warm, flowers in bloom...gorgeous.

The bride was relaxed.  Somehow she was able to let go of all the little details and cherish the moment.

 All our vendors were AWESOME.  Between the caterer, the band, the hairdresser, the photographer, the limo driver, the coordinator, everyone was on time, courteous and everything went as planned.  That doesn't happen everyday and we were so thankful.

Our family was all there, but it was sad that no-one from Ivan's family could be there.  It was great to have everyone come out for the event.  We only wish that Ivan's mother and brothers could have been there.

But we did pick up about 50 'extra' guests at the beach.  No one really expected June 7th to be 80 degrees, sunny and a perfect beach day, but when that's how the day turned out, most of the North Shore arrived on Good Harbor Beach and didn't leave for dinner time.  I love this shot of the guys arriving and the beach volleyball game going on behind them as they walked to the ceremony spot.

The beach was PACKED.  Kids, teens, old people, you name it, they were there... in their bathing suits, swimming, sunning, playing volleyball, buying italian ices and then we show up with our wedding.  They were all so respectful.  many sat down and listened to the music and pastor's message.  All gave a little room.

The Italian Ice guy had a wheel breakdown, but thankfully he got his cart fixed on an it's way before the bride and groom scooted back over the footbridge.

It was fun having the entire beach community hear our Pastor's message about God's love and marriage. Who knew that he would have the opportunity to preach the gospel on Good Harbor Beach?  He was great. I loved his message.

And how fun was it that Sarah and  Ivan asked my mom and peter to play music for the ceremony.  They did such a nice job playing soft instrumental songs for the prelude, procession and recession.  The accordian worked great on the beach.  Peter had the mike on the guitar and my mom's accordian music blended perfectly.  How great is it that she can still play that baby at 77 years old.  You go girl!

The reception was a ton of fun.  Everyone was dancing and everyone took pictures in the photo booth my brother in law set up.

More pictures and stories to come... thanks for visiting my blog today.  Make it a great day.


Karen said...

Oh, Sarah's so beautiful! I'm happy for all of you that all the details of her wedding were just right. I thought about you Saturday and said a prayer of thanks about what a gorgeous day it was, especially to be at the beach!

You and Bob look so happy! Can't wait to hear more about your daughter's big day.

wrapknot said...

it was amazing! put the image of the perfect wedding in your mind, and it still wouldn't come close to this event! linda, you were beautiful. both you and bob were such gracious and generous hosts. the bride and her groom were simply radiant.... little love hearts floated around them. thank you for including us!!