Tuesday, July 8, 2014

encouragement card and how co-workers can press your buttons like a spouse!

Hi friends,

Today I have a card to show you that is a sweet encouragement card and a work story.

Do you notice the little fabric flower in the corner?  That's a hand-rolled flower - very easy to make with a soft ribbon and glue dot.  someday I'll make a tutorial about it.  Trust me, you could totally make one yourself!  It really is easy.

Oh and the card follows Karen Giron's sweet Sunday sketch challenge.  Here is her sketch. And below that is a link to her blog.

So yesterday I had one of those frustrating days at work.  So what did I do?  Well, when I was about to cry at 11:30 in the morning, I did my yoga breathing, wrapped up some e-mails and went out at lunch to go shopping.  Where to?  Why DSW of course.  Sadly, my 'therapy' is to go shoe shopping and honestly it's not very therapeutic but I did need a new pair of work shoes and I did have a coupon.  See what I got for $20.00 bucks?  Nice.

So what got me so upset at work?  Well, lately it's always the same thing.  I realized as I thought about my emotional reaction to the issue what was going on and I realized it's a lot like a spouse.  I love the team at work and think VERY highly of the consultants who are full time on our project for a full 12 months.  We basically spend all day together either on the phone, on skype or on a webex and truly they are great people and they do great work.  But in the same way as you can love your spouse but they can still drive you crazy, that's what's been going on.

I realized that one of the consultants, has a specific phrase that she uses that sets my blood pressure soaring.  So here's how the deal went down.

Yesterday I came in after the holiday weekend with a full in-box of stuff to do.  My highest priority is to work with the girl who is developing our eLearning courses.  She often needs data in the test system to use in the course she is developing.  We had a 'code drop' on Thursday.  What that means is that new changes to the system (added functionality) were put in last week.  Usually a code drop means added functionality but often it also means a few new bugs.

So, I come in first thing and get busy getting some deals in the test system for Nadia.  The system stops me from creating the deal so I'm frantic trying to get the deal in the system and log a 'bug' in our tracking system. Now I'm frustrated because I can't get the deal to Nadia and frustrated that a new bug was introduced.  I head to our meeting and it comes up with the team about the 'bug' that I found.  So the consultant says 'that's not a bug, the system is working as designed, that's what our documentation says the system should do'  So I try not to blow up, scream or hit someone, but I'm like... the system worked perfectly fine for 8 weeks, now it doesn't work and your telling me it works as designed.   Her argument?  the tech team is comparing the way the system behaves to what the documentation says.  if they 'think' the system is behaving incorrectly they fix it to match the documentation.  My argument back 'well, we've already written all the training manuals around the way the system is working and we haven't logged a bug for this, so why would your tech team suddenly decide it's not right?  Phew, just thinking about this gets my blood pressure boiling again.   If this was a fight with my husband it would be equivalent of him saying 'you always do this, you never change' or some other high emotional trigger answer.  But I kept my calm.  I did my yoga breathing and calmly explained 'well, if the system is working as designed, then it's still wrong - we need to change the design. Maybe the documentation is wrong, but this is critical, we cannot create a DEAL, and that is a big deal.'  At this point the project manager jumps in to calm everyone down and says 'we'll get it right' and the emotions calm down and we re-write the documentation, update the priority of the 'user story' since it's not a bug, but an enhancement (don't get me started) and life goes back to normal.

Back in March or April when these things would happen I would be ready to breathe into a paper bag. Now I have the experience  and emotional maturity to stop, breathe, clarify what we need and wait a bit for things to calm down.  The good news is that even though the team has a way of {still} pressing my buttons with the phrase {the system is working as designed}, I now know that it's just a phrase and the issue will get resolved.  I just think it's funny how a work team can be so much like a marriage.  I love them, they are still extremely smart and talented but gosh they can still drive me crazy!

So if any of you wondered what a business analyst does at a high tech company, now you have a tiny glimpse into my work world!

Let's hope my emotions don't get the better of me until August.  I don't need a new pair of shoes every week and then my dear husband and I would be fighting about money!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Make it a great day!


Karen Giron said...

Beautifully done! I love your handmade flower, what a fabulous accent. I hope your work week goes better for you and your new shoes are great!!

Thanks for playing along with us at SSSC :)

Wanda G (stampcat) said...

OMG I so totally related to this story!!! I hope the week gets better with each day. The bonus is your shoes are really cute and your card is awesome!! XOXO

Becca said...

What a sweet little flower. I had to laugh - we had a complete system change this spring. Talking to IT without blowing a gasket has been a real challenge, but I hold out hope in the end that we can let go of the "old way" and let the new system work like it should!