Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Flowers

Hi friends,

Last week I got an e-mail from a woman I know at church.  She is in charge of our 'equipping ministry.'  This ministry is all about encouraging people to use their gifts to help and volunteer within the church community.   She loves to send cards to people who are helping out so she asked if I would make about 42 cards for her to use.  So, I need to get busy.  That's a lot of cards.  I decided to split the job up and make about 3-4 of each unique design.  I hate mass producing cards but it's pretty in-efficient to make 42 unique design cards.  So this is a compromise. Below is the first batch of 4 cards I made.

I'm not sure if my photo captures it, but this card has a clear acetone die cut of a mason jar.  I think it makes a cute effect.

I'm loving making flower cards this summer because there is so much inspiration all around.  This spring we installed a brand new fence in our front yard and we built a flower bed to go all around it. It's beautiful.  We put in daisies, cosmo's, hydrangeas and snap dragons.  Every morning I go out and deadhead the cosmo's and they are filling in really nicely.  I also grew a bunch of nasturtiums from seed.  It is filling in the back area by the white fence really well.  I love how it creeps along with big green leaves and bright orange flowers.

The way our condo is set up is you can go out to the small backyard from the deck off the kitchen.  The deck looks over the driveway and the garage is under, so we have a big stone fence from the driveway.  The flowers at the top of the fence, are so pretty greeting me every evening I drive home.  It's also a beautiful thing for the neighbors to see as they pull in the private drive to get to their driveways.  I imagine these blooms will continue to creep along and fill in all over.  I think it will be gorgeous.  I'm also sooooo proud to have grown these from SEED.  It almost feels like I made them!  Ha ha...

Thanks for visiting today. Make it a great day.


wrapknot said...

Linda, i love the card. I differ with my creative process in that I like the repetition. I'll start with one design, lay out the plan, and by the time I've completed a 'batch' they're all different. Now, the differences may be subtle, but I can see them. Having that first templet allows me to springboard creatively. Which is probably the reason I knit several items with one pattern :)

Ann R. said...

Beautiful card! The recipient will be blessed by your offering.