Sunday, September 21, 2014

Floral Birthday Card and a new addition to our family

I saw this sketch over the summer and was dying to try this out.  When the newlyweds moved out and I got my craft room back, this was one of the first cards I made.  It's so easy.  Stamp, color, adhere. done.  I added the row of crystals to give an extra umph.  Simple and elegant and I always love the color combination of brown and pink.  This made it's way to my dear cousin as a belated birthday card.

Want to know about the new addition to our family?  Let me give you some hints:

1) It's a 'she.'
2) She's thin and tall and BEAUTIFUL.
3) I think she looks most beautiful naked, and although that makes her very vulnerable I can't bear to cover her up and plan to leave her naked almost always.
4) She goes with me everywhere I go.
5) She's very popular - everyone wants her.  When anyone see's her, she's often the topic of conversation.
6) I stayed home all day Friday waiting for her to show up.
7) Bob saw her and he wants one for himself.

Do you have any ideas about what I'm talking about?

Well, of course I'm talking about my new iphone 6!

I don't know why, but it seems very obvious that my iphone would be a she.  I do plan to get a case for her, but I hate covering her up.  I'm going to look for a 'naked' case, one that let's her shine through and doesn't cover her up.  I love leaving her without a case, but it's pretty risky..... nuff said.

I lost my phone during my first day in Munich in late August.  I think I was just not very coherent after the jet lag and either was an easy target for theft or just simply careless.  Regardless my old phone was gone.  Upon returning home I dug through the junk drawer and found a very old clam-shell phone and put it into use for the few weeks before the iphone 6 is ready.

On Friday Sept 12th, I awoke at 2:45 am and let Joey out. I booted up the laptop and placed my order at 3:02am.  Friday Sept 19th, Mr. Fed Ex arrived with my new baby and I got busy getting to know her.  So, far, I LOVE her!

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Karen said...

Yup, I guessed it was the Iphone 6...