Friday, September 19, 2014

Masculine Birthday Card & Bright Green Capri's - size XL

Wow - what a strange title for a blog post!  Do these two topics have anything to do with each other? Well, actually no.  But I'm in the mood to talk about both so here you go.

First, above is a fun birthday card I made a few weeks ago.  I love the fact that this can work for ANYONE.  I have such trouble with men and birthday's.  The only success I've had with masculine cards in the past is to use a nature scene (like tree or something) but this birthday cake works well for a guy - don't you think?

So now that we've got the card out of the way, let me tell you about my new bright green capri's - size XL.  Sadly, the 15 pound weight loss I achieved a few years ago has all been gained back.  Sigh.  I know many of you can relate.  What happened?  Well the first year, a few pounds came back on.  I should have been concerned but we were moving and life was busy and heck it was only 3-5 pounds. Then 2014 happened.  Work, Stress.  Travel.  Stress...... not a great combination for maintaining a healthy weight.  I gained 10 pounds in 12 months.  Sigh.  But I'm down 2 pounds since Sept 1st so I'm on the right track...  I've been logging my food using my fitbit and working extra hard to get to the gym 3 times a week, and 10,000 steps every day.  I also started doing 20 minute Yoga routines every morning.  I had too.  My whole body ached from working too much and moving too little.

I highly recommend doing yoga every day.  It's made a huge difference for me.  I just do a little routine up on the 3rd floor (available to me now that the newlyweds moved out.) I start with this great little stretch with a belt where I hold the belt in front of me and go up and over my head and around to my back.... it's a great stretch for shoulders/arms and is EXACTLY what I need to counter all the computer work I do.  Then I do three Sun A's and three Sun B's.  If I have time I do dancer or tree, but generally I hit the floor and do 60 crunch type things for the abs and then 2 eight breath bridges.  To finish I do a side stretch and I'm done.  The core work is really good to do every day.  It's so much easier to do the ab work now that I do it daily.

Sun A...

Sun B....

Shoulder stretch...

The shoulder stretch is one that Rebecca does a lot in our Thursday night hot yoga class.  You can check out her blog (OmGal)  ...She's an awesome yoga teacher... love her!

Oh and to make it FUN, I burn a tiny piece of real Japanese incense and turn on my TV (sound only) to soundscape channel.  Bob makes fun of me and my 'yoga' studio!   I entice Tank to join me with a treat.  He gladly hauls it up two flights of stairs for a treat and he sits on the floor and watches - either out the window or at me.  I love that he keeps me company.  Joey?  Well, he can't easily climb the stairs - so I give him a treat and he hangs out on the first floor with Bob.

So what does any of this have to do with bright green capri's?  Well,  I like bright green. I like bright colors.  And even though I"m not a size small or even a medium, I decided to buy them and actually wear them in public.  Here is my thinking.  My rear end looks big in black, grey, brown, pink, red and green.  the color of my pants sadly does nothing to even disguise the size of my tushy.  So I figure, buy what fits, buy what I like and get a top that covers the widest part and HAVE FUN.

So when I saw these on sale at Athleta last week, I bought them.  And I wear them to yoga and Zumba.  And lots of other girls are wearing bright colors - even if they don't wear size small.  The key for me, is get them to fit.  I'm not really an XL, I'm probably more of a L, but with capri's,  I don't want them too tight.  They stretch out and get see through.  That is bad in ANY COLOR.  So this fall, I'm rocking the bright green capri's.

What do you think?  Should big girls stick to dark colors?  Would you dare to wear these in size XL or even S or M?  I hope so.  Life is too short to not do what you love.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a great day!

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