Friday, September 5, 2014

Who loves fall?

Hi friends,

I love fall, how about you?  Even though we are still having hot and humid weather here in New England in September, there are still all kinds of tell-tale signs that fall is soon to arrive.  The markets already have local apples (YUM), the days are shorter and leaves are just starting to fall - just a few.

This card is a perfect celebration of the end of summer start of fall, with the yellow sunflower heads and the yellow/brown backgound papers.  I made this card for the commission order I got this summer, but had an 'oopsy' on the lower portion so adjusted this one to be square.  I kept this one for myself (sent the other 3 'non-oopsy' ones off) and am glad to have it.  One of the girls I work with had a heart attack over labor day weekend and Wednesday underwent triple bi-pass surgery.  I'll send off this cheery card to her to let her know I'm thinking of her.

So, the last time I posted a blog entry, it was mid-August and the craziness of the summer was waning.  Let me give you a further update - I'll try to keep it brief.

Sarah and Ivan love their new apartment in Beverly.  It's great that they have their own place and they are having fun decorating on a budget.  Last I heard they were trying to figure out how to put bookshelves in the living room.  Ivan started a new job in Mid-August and really likes it.  It's precision manufacturing work.  He works on a microscope and very carefully puts extra tiny things together to test semiconductor electronic devices.  He likes the hours (8-4:30), he likes the steady pay check and he likes the skilled nature of the work.  Sarah got a new job that she will start in September.  She will be working for a start up publishing company as an editorial assistant.  The company publishes books on cooking, crafts and anything else that is new and up and coming.  She is excited for the opportunity.  Both will be working in Salem MA (the next town over from Beverly) and they will have an 8 minute commute to work.

Eric headed back to school to start his Junior Year at Clemson University.  He will continue studying Bio-systems engineering.  He had considered switching majors to Bio-Medical but decided in the end to stay with his current major.  Bio-systems would be anything to do with biology in engineering  It's a broader and newer field than bio-med.  Think water purification or bio fuel, not just heart valves and knee replacements.

As for me, well, I had another crazy work trip last week.  This time I was off to Germany.  It was a good training trip.  The work was hard, but we had really good success with this group and they were a tough group to teach.  I lost my iphone in Germany - I blame it on jet lag carelessness.  Thankfully the phone was 2 years old and I was planning to get the new iphone.  I found an old clamshell phone in the junk drawer and am using that until I can get my new iphone.  I forgot how spoiled I was with all the user friendly features of the iphone!  the worst part of my clamshell phone is the ringtone.  I have no options and have selected 'dancing cowboy' as my tone of choice.  Yes, it's as bad as you would think from the name, but believe it or not, it was the best option I found.

Well, there is banana bread baking in the oven and I'm off to do some yoga before I head over to Market Basket and Trader Joe's to get food for the week.  If you have been following the news, we are all SOOO glad the marketbasket management fiasco is done.   Thankfully it had a happy ending and customers and employees alike are excited for the future.  If you missed the story, you can check it out here.

Market Basket Story

Thanks for visiting.  Have a great day.

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Karen said...

Your card is lovely - you know I love sunflowers.

I'm so happy to hear how well things are going for Sarah and Ivan. Their jobs sound terrific and working so close to home, well, that's a big plus. And Eric sounds like he's doing great, too. Nice.

I know you love autumn. So far, so good, although I feel the summer went by a little too quickly, especially since the weather was quite nice this year. Let's hope the next couple of seasons bring us more of the same!