Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hedgehog Wedding Card

Hello friends,

So over the weekend my daughter Sarah asked me to make a wedding card for her friend's wedding in early November.  As I sat at my craft desk last night I realized I knew absolutely nothing about her friend so called to get an idea of her personality to make a custom card for their celebration.  Sarah then tells me that this couple adores Hedgehogs.  Go figure.   Both of them!  Who knew?  So I vaguely remember getting forest friend stamps from DeNami last spring and wondered....  did I have a Hedgehog stamp?  I was so excited to find it!

I figured that Karen Giron would have a great sketch for me to use (she did) so I got busy and voila... a Hedgehog Wedding Card!

Since it's a special card I decided to make a coordinating envelope as well.  You might not be able to see but the Hedgehogs bellies have flocking to reflect fur and the aqua heart above is filled with glitter!

Below is a link to Karen's blog and a copy of her sketch.

So speaking of  'Mr. and Mrs.' I had a funny 'mother-daughter' conversation with Sarah when she was here.  She's married almost 9 months now and it's fun to talk 'married' things with her.  While they were visiting Sunday, she and I were upstairs looking for something and the men were downstairs. 

We could hear their conversation as we were rummaging in the closet and Sarah all of a sudden says 'Again??! - He told that story last night and now he's telling it again!'  She expressed that she's now heard this story over 4 times between when he told her and all the times they've been together when he's shared the story.  She even says 'its not that interesting a story!'  I laughed.  I said 'welcome to married life.'  She said 'what do I do?'  and I said 'well, most of us start to tune it out, that's why married people have such trouble communicating - because they get really good at tuning the spouse out - especially when they think they've heard it before.'  I told my co-worker and she said 'she's lucky - at least her husband isn't telling her the same story 4 times.  I guess for my co-worker this happens often in her marriage.'

It's a small price to pay.. but I'm curious.... How do you handle the 'husband telling the same story?'

Thanks for visiting today.  Make it a great day.


Bernadette Bliss said...

Adorable card, Linda. This is my first time stopping by. Love the little fox one also. B

Lisa Petrella said...

What an adorable card!!! Love your take on the sketch and how you personalized it by incorporating those sweet little hedgehogs into your design!!!