Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Purple Bunny card and Blog transparancy

Hi friends,

Some of you have told me recently that you were surprised at my post 'the big mad.'  It seems I was quite transparent in that blog post and those of you that care about me are concerned I may have 'over-shared' on my blog.

Well, you may be right.  I follow several blogs and only a few of them are transparent, real and vulnerable like I am on my blog.  Is it risky?  Probably.  After all, what I say here is visible to anyone and everyone.  Do I think I should change?  No, and here is why.

First - I think the on-line world is not very real, not very transparent and providing false realities.  I think you know what I mean here.  After all, who ever posts a pinterest picture of a failed recipe? Who goes on facebook and shares a photo of a time when they felt fat and ugly?  For most everyone the on-line world is a way to only tell partial truths, to show only the good side and only the final photo's of the perfected thing (yoga pose, craft or recipe.)  For me, my on-line profile matches who I am.  I bet if I were to meet someone who only knew me from my on-line blog and facebook they would pretty much say 'yup - no surprise there - that's who she is.'  And I'm proud of that.  And I'm not going to change and only show the good side, the pretty side, the perfected side.  There's plenty of that and I think for many, there is a deep desire to see some real world in blog land.

Second - Many people write.  They write books, they write newspaper articles.  People have written for centuries and very often what they write about is what they know.  Biographies are huge best sellers.  People write about (and read about) real people all the time.  For anyone who agreed to have a biography written about them, their stories are available to anyone and everyone.  The best biographies tell the truth, and share lots of information about the person.  I agree that my blog posts are available to anyone and everyone but I treat it like I would a magazine article, newspaper article or biography - I'm okay with my stories being out there.  In the same way that many before me have  been okay with their stories being out there in print.

Third - While that blog post may have seemed like over-sharing to you, those who know me, probably aren't surprised that everything I said in that blog post I said to my boss - face to face.  Frankly I was much kinder, gentler and nicer in my blog post than that day in September when I had steam coming out my ears and talked to him in his office.  Trust me folks, I wouldn't share something on my blog that would be a huge surprise to my husband, boss, children or friends.  And as for the thought - well,  if you wanted to get a new job, people would read that and it would ruin your chances for that job.  Well, that's an interesting thought too.  I would welcome any future employer to read my blog.  At 50+ years old, I am what I am.  If an employer thinks I am not a good fit for their company because: 1)  I was trying hard to meet several deadlines, 2) working 13 hour days 3) got mad 4) confronted the person I was angry and based on that, they thought that would make me a bad employee - well I wouldn't want to work for them!

So, thank you for your concern.  And I truly respect your options to keep your life off the on-line media world.  And if you only want to show 'your best side on-line' that's fine with me too.  But as for me, I'm going to keep it real on my blog.

Vulnerability is the new strength.  Transparency is the key to real relationship.  And if you don't believe me, start reading the trendy leaders.  Have you heard of Brene Brown?  You must check her stuff out.   She became famous over-night for an 'over-sharing' TED talk.  It went viral.  She is a great leader and has mountains of research on vulnerability and shame.  And she is breaking ground world-wide in helping people perform better, connect better and live better.


Brene Brown Ted Talk

Check her out.  Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Make it a great day.

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Karen said...

I LOVE who you are and your commitment to "keeping it real"... and I love hearing about the good, the bad and the ugly - oh yeah, and the BEAUTIFUL - in your life!