Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hope your day is full of fun SSSC244

Hi friends,

Just a quick post to show you a fun card I made last night for a fun-loving friend.  This card uses the sweet sunday sketch from Karen Giron.

The sketch is below:
On Karen's blog are some really gorgeous cards using the sketch.  Click below to check them out or for details on how you can submit your card using this sketch to her blog.

Oh and in case you are wondering how our project launch is going, it's going really well.  We are SUPER busy with support - lots of questions from the users about 'how to' but really only a few bugs and the tech team is resolving them quickly.  Of all the major project software launches I've been part of, this is the biggest and smoothest launch of all.

I had the overnight shift for the first day and two 6am-9am shifts this week.  I felt like an ER triage nurse trying to get through all the questions and prioritize them and get the critical ones off the tech team.  It's hard work - especially when dealing with people where English is not their first language, 

Yesterday they had a nice (but short) lunch where the project sponsors came in and said some nice words about how proud they were of us and what a great job we were doing.  It was nice.

We took another team picture.  Here you go...

The team in front of our corporate office
Fist pumps to celebrate a success
The true superstars of the team - Will, Petr and Anthony - Brilliant Tech Guys
Well, off to walk the dogs and then into the office.  Thanks for visiting my blog today.  Have a great day.

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Karen said...

Cute card.

And kudos to you on the success of your project!

By the way, you look especially cute in the photos!